Bryce Hits the Sweet Spot with GT Contracting

 Bryce Hits the Sweet Spot with GT Contracting

Graham Turner graduated from Stirling University with a degree in marketing, he then worked with his father who is a blacksmith and fabricator. Some of their work involves the installation of security fencing and all types of steel rail fencing. Graham quickly learned the importance of quality fabrication and fence erecting techniques.

Putting his degree in marketing to use, Graham began working as the sales rep for Scotland and Northern England selling fencing products. Building on this experience and the knowledge he gained, Graham decided to start out on his own.

In the beginning, as is usual, he started fencing by hand though as his contracts grew Graham needed to hire equipment, which was very costly. “Having spoken to many contractors about their experiences with different brands of post-drivers and on the basis of what I had learned from both them and my engineering background with my father’s business, I decided to buy a Bryce.”

Graham bought a fully-loaded Bryce Suma Profi simply based on build quality and features. “Everything about this Bryce was logical and well thought out.” says Graham.

“My business quickly grew, this included working with QTS – which involved railway spec fencing for Network Rail. I do a lot of work with Savills Smith Gore on Penicuik Estate, this is stock fencing on hill and in-bye ground, sometimes even peat bog. With my ever increasing workload, output had to go up and that meant the only option was the one-man tracked fencing route. I travelled the length and breadth of the UK looking at used tracked machines and studied all of the latest new models available at Shows. I was going to be spending a lot of money therefore wanted to be absolutely sure I was making the right decision. In the meantime I hired a Bryce HD180 which my friend John Skeldon also had and recommended.”

“Work kept piling in so rather than hire I decided the time had come to put my money towards financing a brand new Bryce 180 PRO machine. If anyone thought the old HD180 was a good machine then the new 180 PRO is in a totally different league in every respect, it is a truly phenomenal machine. It is beautifully balanced and all its standard features set it apart from anything else on the market. The difference between them is like running a race in a pair of wellies to running a race wearing trainers.

On Penicuik Estate the wide tracks of the 180 Pro are perfect for the peat bog and the rockspike system and hitting power ensures we are never beaten when the going gets tough. Prior to buying my 180 Pro I did try a towable tracked machine but it could not cope with the variable ground conditions that we work on. You also need a vehicle that can tow 3.5 tonne gross, so you were always towing right on the limit. It was murdering my vehicle and I found it hard on fuel and brakes. I now know I am better with a Bryce on a tractor and low loader where we can carry the 180 PRO, materials and equipment all in the one journey. Whilst it may be a bigger outlay it is far more cost effective and I now have a post driver that will cater for any situation under any conditions. I had the tractor anyway so the only added cost was a relatively inexpensive low loader.”

When I spoke to Graham he was just finishing off 5500 metres of stock fence and was about to start 1200 metres of post and rail on an equestrian contract.

Graham summarises by saying “You are only as good as your last job and to do that you need the right equipment and a good team which for me consists of myself, Dale and Lewis and without them I wouldn’t be where I am today. As far as equipment is concerned I believe it is a case of ‘buy it once – buy it right’ and that is why I bought Bryce.”

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