Burn Fencing was founded by Brian Walker in 1975 in Selby, North Yorkshire and was taken on by Richard Walker 25 years ago after his father’s death.

It now has a turnover of 5 million, installing all types of fencing and 40 employees including the 3rd generation of Walkers – daughter Alice who is procurement manager and son Harry who is a lead fence installer on highways projects such as on A1, widening a 2 million pound 80km post and rail contract. He is currently working on the East Leeds Orbital Route which is 22km of post and rail and acoustic barrier. Harry is operating the Bryce 180 Pro on this latest contract and is well impressed with Burn Fencing’s latest acquisition. He says “ I have to say we are over the moon with the 180 Pro, it’s in a league of its own.”

“We already operate other makes of machines and had considered others but in the end our focus was on the Bryce. Jock and Andrew gave us a demonstration and it was easy to see at first glance we were seeing something special. The rest is history – apart from the outstanding design features that were demonstrated to us, the build quality and paint finish was faultless.”

Harry continues “ wide tracks are a must as the difference between what we already own and the Bryce is clear to see particularly when we had to make regular crossings over 2 ft deep ruts on site in extreme weather conditions earlier this year. With generous ground clearance, wide tracks, hillside track running gear and great stability thanks to a powerful weight transfer system, the 180 Pro is a master of extreme conditions.

I find the rockspike system is simply brilliant, plus when changing from the rockspike to the 30cm Hole Puncher, it couldn’t be easier. Using the Hole Puncher with the hitting power of the 500kg hammer under challenging conditions, opened my eyes, it was like a new discovery.”

“On one of the other machines we looked at, the seller advocated augers but with my experience ofaugers hanging up on stones and going out of line, this did not appeal to me. Augering holes also means material that should be round the post to give it a much tighter hold of the ground, is removed and I reckon this to be a backward step. A big rockspike plus the hitting power is what suits our fence erection criteria. The Bryce ticks the box on all counts.

The other machines we run required welding on the masts and the dual drive system is stiff and tiresome plus they simply ate post caps. The Bryce post cap is a real pro design and looks the part therefore it is easy to see a lot of thought has gone into the Bryce and you can tell that the man who designed it has done the job. Another area where the Bryce excels is the two-way slide system for keeping post and mast in perfect alignment so that, plus the auto power lock is brilliant and cleverly thought out. Praise too for the auto-telemast which allows full hammer stroke top to bottom at all times without having to make any mechanical adjustments to the mast and yet it also gives a low profile closed height for manoeuvring amongst trees and road transport.

Everything works so well together and one final point is that I really do have to compliment Jock’s Handicap which, when driving thousands of 2.1 x 150 x 75mm posts in particularly hard ground conditions, is a must have. One of our main work ethics at Burn Fencing is a quality job and attention to detail and Jock’s Handicap and the machine’s other excellent features help us to achieve that. Every job you complete, you leave your scent behind you so it is important for us to leave a quality stamp on it.”

Richard adds “ we currently have 3 tracked post knockers and a tractor mounted one operating on Highways England projects UK wide. This is the first Bryce one we have purchased and its build quality and performance far exceeds the competition. You can see it has been built by a family steeped in fencing tradition and knowledge.

Is there a better post knocker on the market ? No.

Will Bryce make a better one in the future? Of course they will as they are continually striving for improvement and perfection.”

Burn Fencing www.burnfencing.co.uk 01302 708706

Richard Walker, Burn Fencing 07710 010643 Harry Walker, Burn Fencing 07557 766835

Bryce Suma Post Drivers www.brycesuma.co.uk

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