Just under a year ago we detailed how the trade was about to face a period of huge uncertainty. We were all doing our best to understand what impact a countrywide lockdown might have.

Back then the idea that whole sections of the population would have to stay at home was a completely novel experience. This did lead us to predict however, that the fencing and landscaping trade would experience an extremely busy Spring season and so it turned out to be the case. It is amazing, just how keen consumers were to continue buying timber products throughout the whole of 2020. The demand continues still. Certain product lines have inevitably been affected more than others which has led to longer leader times. Rather than accept that long lead times are just another consequence of the Pandemic, Ellpro Timber has been working hard to extend our network of suppliers as well as doing all we can to encourage mills to send production into the UK. Not easy when many in the Baltics have already been enticed into producing for huge markets such as China and the Unites States. The additional layers of complexity surrounding Brexit, no matter how easily dealt with, will no doubt be another factor in their decision making.

2021 has begun as 2020 finished and from what we hear from our customers it will continue to be busy in the months ahead. Ensuring there is enough quality stock available is our priority. We have all got used to stock being available within a few days of a phone call. Whilst that is still the case with the majority of our stock lines, we would encourage our customers to place orders early in anticipation of their stock requirements going forward.

Ellpro Timber is pleased to announce that due to increased calls from our customers for carcassing, we are expanding the range of sizes we stock and the quantity we hold ready for delivery. We have stocked a limited range of carcassing sizes for many years now. Our customers have always found it immensely helpful to be able to add a pack or two to their delivery whenever they need it. By offering more sizes and having more packs available we are fulfilling a clear need from our customers for convenient, reliable, service enabling them to build on their popular products.


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