Perhaps it may not be feeling like it right now, but the Fencing and Landscaping sector is lucky to be one of those that has been incredibly busy over the last year, as homeowners seek to improve their surroundings inside and out.

Either as DIY projects or enlisting the services of professional contractors, British gardens have never had such attention, with time and money being diverted from foreign holidays and weekend breaks to making a big difference to outdoor spaces. As if the public needed further encouragement, a multitude of television programmes can currently be seen giving advice on the life improving benefits of spending time in the garden. This huge jump in demand has tested supply chains. It is a fact however, that prior to the Pandemic, timber was already seeing a rise in demand. It has become more popular with construction markets and manufacturers worldwide looking at its greener credentials compared with other materials. So, at the same time, the UK is pushing for more logs, other countries are clamouring to fulfill requirements for a similar boost in their own markets. Inevitably this has led to ongoing price increases and stretched lead times. Despite importing more timber than ever before, ongoing demand has curtailed the rebuilding of stock levels.

Now take all that extra demand from the UK and other countries trying to catch up with construction demands and add disruption caused by Covid, creating delays and increased costs at every stage of the supply chain and we can see that there is no immediate solution. Ellpro Timber have greatly increased the number of suppliers we are dealing with, many of them in countries we have not purchased from previously. Our new membership of the Timber Trade Federation is helping to assure suppliers and customers, that we share their professional values and commitment to responsible purchasing from sustainable sources. In addition to expanding our purchasing, our partners in Latvia have made significant further investments in sawmilling equipment to increase the turnout of our most popular products. This will make a difference in the short term and doubtless, will be a huge, future benefit to our loyal customers, way beyond the current situation.


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