Heavy lifting can cause injuries that result in months out of work for tradespeople, making up nearly 25% of all site-based injuries.

Here, John Abernethie, CEO at Birkdale looks at how the new generation of strong, lightweight and long-lasting steel fenceposts can also provide a quicker, easier and safer installation.

Steel fence posts can crucially provide a stronger and more reliable fencing system than timber or concrete alternatives as they will not alter or weaken over time. They are also capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions, including wind speeds of up to 70 miles per hour.

However, the strength and durability of a steel fence post does not have a negative impact on its ease of installation. Instead, cold rolled galvanised steel is up to 80% lighter than concrete alternatives making it is easy to transport, store and carry for installers. According to Direct Line for Business, between 2012 and 2017, nearly 85,000 construction site injuries were as a result of handling, lifting or carrying equipment. A lightweight alternative like steel, can ensure that the risk of such injuries is reduced dramatically for installers, especially when extensive fencing is needed.

While concrete fencing requires several individuals for the installation due to the weight of the product, innovative systems like Birkdale’s FENCEMATE DuraPost® have been ergonomically designed to be safely and efficiently installed by a single tradesperson. This can significantly cut down on build time, requiring half the man-power to install as well as having a simple installation process that is, for a knowledgeable trade professional, easy to complete hassle free, first time.

Furthermore, DuraPost® is guaranteed for up to 25 years, so specifiers can be sure that they are selecting a quality product that will last.

Available in a choice of classic or slimline profiles and a range of colours with colour matched accessories, DuraPost® not only provides a durable, lightweight product that is easy to install but also a versatile design alternative that can complement any outdoor setting.

To find your local stockist of FENCEMATE DuraPost®, please visit www.durapost.co.uk or call 0345 646 0590.