In 2021, commercial landscape contractors, Grounds Care Group, partnered with British Touring Car Championship driver, Rory Butcher, in a campaign to offset the carbon footprint of his racing.

To do this, Grounds Care Group and Rory Butcher planted trees at the various venues Butcher raced at around the UK, bringing ecological benefits to the race circuits which naturally experience high emissions.

Now in 2022, the partnership has seen Grounds Care Group and Rory Butcher plant over 80 trees at race circuits all over the UK, including the iconic Silverstone circuit, Oulton Park in Cheshire, and Knockhill Racing Circuit. Adam Brindle, CEO of the Grounds Care Group calculated that 72 trees will need to be planted to offset annual emissions, which is a target that has been hit and exceeded successfully.

Adam Brindle, CEO, Grounds Care Group, said:

“First of all, I must say it has been an absolute pleasure to collaborate with Rory on this project to offset his carbon emissions. Motorsport and the environment don’t tend to be regarded as the best of bedfellows, but that is all the more reason to play our part and it is clear that times and attitudes are changing, with the BTCC’s forthcoming switch to a more sustainable fuel and hybrid power just such a case in point.”

“Rory is wholeheartedly invested in our joint initiative and has been fully committed to the cause since day one, and having Silverstone on-board with all of its heritage in the sport is fantastic. What we are doing here is just one small thing, but the bottom line is that if we all contribute and do our bit collectively, it will ultimately make a big difference to the future of our planet.”

Rory Butcher, who races for Toyota Gazoo Racing UK and planted many of the trees himself, said:

“We all have a duty to look after this world we live in, and racing drivers arguably have a greater responsibility than most given the emissions we generate not only on-track but also in our journeys to and from events. I’ve made no secret of my desire to do what I can to make a difference, and I truly appreciate Silverstone’s support and that of the other circuits that have pledged to work with us on this.”

As a result of the collaboration between Grounds Care Group and Rory Butcher, the biodiversity at the racetracks have improved and plans to continue the partnership into the future are already being discussed to benefit greenspaces further and have revisited Silverstone to plant even more trees.

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