Hampton Steel produces some of the highest quality steel fencing products in the UK. Working closely with QTS, whose fencing division hold Network Rail’s national Tier 1 Preferred Supplier status and are a market leading fencing contractor, Hampton supply thousands of metres of fencing and metal posts manufactured in Britain for Network Rail projects, protecting the UK’s infrastructure.

With locations across the UK, QTS’s fencing operations are the fastest growing commercial fencing installers in the country and ranks first for turnover and market share. Their use of new products and improved installation methodology has significantly reduced the time and associated costs for teams to complete fencing projects whilst maintaining the highest safety standards.

It is this pioneering approach to fencing that makes QTS and Hampton Steel a perfect alliance. Utilising innovative products such as Hampton’s intermediate metal post and clip system, Versalok®, and Hampton’s metal strainer systems providing increased durability and improving security and safety across Network Rail sites. These award-winning post systems arethe culmination of many months of research and development resulting in possibly the most robust and versatile metal fencing post and strainer system on the market, all guaranteed for 30 years.

Recent Network Rail projects include three sites across Gloucestershire utilising a combination of Hampton NET™fixed knot stock fencing with its protective zinc/aluminium coating, hexagonal wire netting to exclude rabbits and Hampton’s Versalok® posts and metal angle strainer systems.

‘Our teams of specialist fencing operatives can be working in rural, remote locations, where we may need to use specialised machinery to get material and manpower to the sites. Having worked with Hampton’s products on various projects I know we can rely on them for their quality and reliability. The intermediate post,Versalok® and the metal strainer posts have always driven into the ground with ease and having the flexibility to affix the clips at any point on the posts also eliminates any alignment problems with the fence due to undulations in theterrain. The design benefit of both the Versalok® post and the strainer posts; allowing the earth to fill the posts when driven into the ground, provides increased reassurance that, once in, the posts are there to stay. We look forward to working with Hampton in 2021 and beyond on future Network Rail projects’, said Bryan Wynn, Western Fencing Manager for QTS Group Ltd.

The Versalok® metal post features continuous lozenge shaped holes along the post making it suitable for use with all woven wire mesh fence patterns. With a zinc/ aluminium/magnesium coating, Versalok® is incredibly durable and comes with a thirty year guarantee, an excellent long life alternative to timber posts.

The Versalok® stainless steel clip taps easily into any of the holes on the post and, where required, two clips can be inserted into one hole providing increased versatility.

Combined with Hampton’s award-winning metal box and angle strainer systems, Versalok® provides for a fully integrated metal post system. Manufactured from high yield strength steel in 1.5mm and 2.5mm thick options, standard post lengths of 1.8m, 2.2m and 2.9m are available from stock, other post heights can be made to order (minimum production quantities apply).

Please contact the Hampton sales team to discuss your fencing requirements 01933 234070, email sales@hamptonsteel.co.uk or visit the website to view the full range of products www.hamptonsteel.co.uk follow us on social media.

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