Market leader Tornado Wire’s 5cm/2in horse fencing is now being used all over the world at the most prestigious studs for bloodstock from thoroughbred racehorses to miniature shetlands for showing.

In the UK, timber post and rail fencing is commonly used for horse paddocks; however, the maintenance costs are very high, horses can be injured by split or damaged timber, the animals can crib or windsuck causing damage to the fence and themselves, and rugs can be torn or become caught on broken struts.

High Tensile wire fencing can offer a low maintenance, high quality solution to these problems.

Iain Jermey of I J Agricultural Fencing Services Ltd in Berkshire has been using solely Tornado net for several years. He has installed horse fencing on Sandringham Estate for the Royal Family. He said, “Tornado pulls up so much tighter and more easily than other brands, which is particularly important when putting up horse netting. With other brands I have found that I struggle to get even tension on a run of fencing because there are 13 line wires as opposed to just 8 on the stock net. The quality of Tornado cannot be beaten. In my view it is safer and more aesthetic than post and rail and it is certainly quicker to install. It also allows other animals such as sheep to be grazed with the horses improving paddock management.”

Robert Littrell of Sticks Fencing, Kentucky, USA has been championing the use of Tornado horse fencing in America as he feels the Torus net is a better and more economic product. He installs Tornado 1660/2 (R16/152/5) for a variety of his customers including some large stud farms. Whilst V mesh has proved its safety over the years it is difficult to install particularly when joining rolls.

Robert says, “V mesh is widely used across America so it has taken some time to introduce an alternative but the clients that have tried Tornado’s 2in net have been very happy with it.”

Tornado’s Torus horse fencing features a smooth, unobtrusive knot in the wire fence that reduces the chance of injury or the fence catching on rugs. The continuous vertical wires – with small spacings of 5cm – give a dense, very strong net able to withstand pressure and impact from large horses. It also prevents horses, including foals, getting their feet stuck in the wire, or pulling shoes off on the lower strands.

Torus horse fence is made from high tensile steel, which pulls tight and stays tight requiring little to no maintenance. The wire net offers additional security – not only can it contain your horses and any animals that may graze with them, it also prevents dogs and other animals from entering the paddock.

Tornado’s R12/120/5 is widely used across Newmarket, the home of racing in England at several racing yards and studs.

It can be combined with other products such as an electric top wire or a high tensile polymer rail ‘Centaur’ to prevent downward pressure and keep horses from leaning on the fence posts. Centaur is perfect for perimeters, race tracks, arenas, walkways, corals and other dividing fences. It incorporates a patented insulated ‘belt loop’ bracket with a steel core which the rail slips through to disperse the effects of any sudden impact. Tornado is the only registered agent for Centaur in the UK.

Stevie McKay owner of Alichbrae Stud, Highlands said, “We use the 5cm Tornado Torus net for our miniature Shetland horses and can highly recommend the product. The Torus knot is ideal as it reduces chances of rubbing hair on our valuable show animals and the small spacings prevent hooves getting caught in the fence.”

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