They say imitationis the greatest form of flattery although equine fencing specialists Horserail might just disagree a quarter of a century after they burst out of the traps into the market place.

Sales & Marketing Manager Ruth Todd explained: “Horserail’s distinctive plastic fencing has been on the market for over 25 years now and is now known across the globe.

“There are some similar products on the market but sadly we are hearing more and more that these other products are wrongly portrayed as Horserail. Easy to understand given we are such a well known and respected brand but we even have a copy of Horserail that is floating about in the market, with brackets and hardware copied.

“When you see the two products together, you will notice some noticeable differences!

“One of the major advantages of Horserail is that it can be electrified. We have two options for this. HotTop electrifies just the top of the rail whilst HotTop PLUS electrifies the top and bottom of each rail.

“The HotTop PLUS is great for customers that want to keep costs down and just install two rails. With the HotTop PLUS option, would prevent the animal from leaning over, through the middle and underneath the fence line.

“Of course you do not need to electrify the rail but, with a 30 year guarantee, no one know what kind of animals they will have in that time so it’s always a good idea to allow for this option. The customer can either leave it off or hook it up to a battery. Both mains or solar work equally well and deliver the requisite charge.

“Other plastic fence products that cannot be electrified will tell you that the electric current does not work well and would be better running a line of wire or tape above and/or bellow it. This is not the case at all!

“Horserail is highly conductive and does not break down like tape and rope does. This is because the wire encased in the fencing is covered by a carbon compound which conducts the electric current. Also there is no stripping back or exposing wires with Horserail so it easy to electrify using the insulated end brackets which holds a special screw to run the electric too.

“Other products will recommend a wire to keep the animal off the fence, to prevent them leaning on it and causing damage. With our experience this heightens the chance of an animal getting caught in the fence with a leg and causing serious harm to itself. With Horserail there are no sharp edges and accidents are minimal.

“The unique Horserailtensioning system also works well! With Horserail we use tensioning spoolers that allow you to fence for miles without stopping and starting. It pulls the fence up so tight it’s as stiff as a board. Check out our website for photos and info or go onto Youtube and search Horserail for videos on installation.

“Contractors can sometimes be sceptical about a product that they haven’t used before. That’s totally understandable however those that have made the switch all love it and promote it far more with their customers.

“With times tough at the moment, we want to look after fencing contractors as prices are ever increasing on all products across the board. We would welcome you to get in touch for more information and prices,” concluded Ruth.

Truly electrifying stuff from Horserail! 

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