Are you spending too much time & effort strapping your goods and product loads?

An automatic or semi-automatic strapping machine could be the answer to all your problems!

Kwikpac offer a wide range of strapping machinery, for a variety of packaging applications, and are confident that their high-performance machines will increase efficiency in your packing operations.

They can assess your requirements and recommend the machine most suitable for your application, to help save on waste and increase your efficiency. Their machinery prices include free delivery, free installation, calibration and expert training.

Their two most popular strapping machines are the Kwikpac Semi-Automatic and Automatic Machines, as they are so easy to operate and offer great return on investment.

The Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine is a high-performance arch-less machine ideal for strapping high volumes of products and boxes.

The Automatic Strapping Machine can handle larger products and can reach up to 60 straps per minute. This increased speed and efficiency can have a rippled effect and positively change your entire business. A Kwikpac representative said, “Because the strapping process is so fast and the machine is entirely automated, we are proud to say that we have made strapping easy for many UK businesses, and most importantly, helped many customers to make monthly packaging savings an  reduce waste.”

Your business’ time and resources are precious and Kwikpac are keen to help you save money and waste less.

Find out more or buy online by visiting or by contacting their Sales Team on 01592 650700 for a bespoke-built solution, tailored specifically to your needs.

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