In The Hot Seat

 In The Hot Seat

Name:  Ian Ripley


Married/Children? Married to Marilyn (46 years this year)

Two Children-a girl and a boy, Jaime and Christopher


Position/Company: Chief Executive Officer, Association of Fencing Industries


Previous Employment: Self-Employed Business Consultant. Before that almost 20 years with

the TWIL Group (Betafence)


What do you consider the main issues affecting the fencing and landscaping industry?


Much the same as always getting paid on time and in full.


Timber treatment has been a problem in recent years but the treatment

industry seems to be coming to terms with the problem.


My biggest worry is the lack of suitably qualified people wanting to join

our industry. We are facing a serious skills shortage and need to get young

people interested in Fence Installation as a career


What’s been your best idea? Green Rylock


And you’re worst: Deciding Temporary Fencing was european fad and wouldn’t catch on in the UK.


What do you like about Fencing and Landscaping News? Interesting, fun and honest

reporting of what’s going on in our industry


Favourite film: Magnificent Seven


Beer or Wine: Beer (and wine!!!!)


Favourite Food: Fish (haddock) and Chips (Proper Yorkshire-cooked though)


Favourite saying: ‘If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.’ and ‘if the price isn’t shown

on it, you can’t afford it’


If you were stranded on a desert island what 3 things would you take with you:

  1. My Guitar
  2. A library of Science Fiction/Fantasy books
  3. An ample supply of Tetley’s Bitter (hand pulled, of course), salted nuts and pork scratchings


Newspaper you read: Daily Mail but only for the puzzle pages, cartoons and sport, not the

news coverage or opinions.


Favourite sport: I’m a Yorkshireman, Cricket of course (‘though Rugby Union would be a close



Pound or Euro: Pound (Although I wouldn’t mind a barrowful of Euros if you’ve got some