Kwikpac is a long-established provider of innovative strapping products and solutions, to the UK timber and fencing industry.

Specialising in load stabilising solutions, Kwikpac supply Bondmarked™ strapping products, which are rigorously tested at their in-house Innovation Centre. Kwikpac put their customers at the core of their business with a strong focus on delivering solutions to meet the needs of their customers, helping them to save more and waste less.

The latest addition to their strapping tool portfolio, is the TuffStrap™ Pneumatic Strapping Tensioner, which has been designed to quickly & efficiently tension polyester strapping, without the use of manual effort.

A Kwikpac representative said, “From a recent customer survey, many customers expressed a strong desire to reduce the time and effort that it takes to strap large quantities of product loads. The new ergonomic Pneumatic Strapping Tensioner is a powerful tool which quickly tensions polyester strapping around loads of any shape, creating a more efficient packaging & dispatch process.”

Tuffstrap Pneumatic Strapping Tensioner key features:

  • Compatible with cross woven, corded and composite strapping polyester strapping up to 32mm in width.
  • Lightweight (4.5kg) with rugged construction designed for highvolume strapping
  • Accurate and secure strap high tensioning capacity of max. 7,500N
  • Integrated cutting unit
  • Versatile strapping – band your loads and goods vertically or horizontally

Kwikpac recommend the tool is used with Tuffstrap Polyester Strapping, as it is the most commonly used strapping type in the fencing, sawmill and timber industry, and provides outstanding flexibility, strength & durability for securing product loads.

Your business’s time and resources are precious and Kwikpac are keen to help you save money and waste less.

Find out more or buy online by visiting or by contacting their Sales Team on 01592 650700 for a bespoke-built solution, tailored specifically to your needs. 

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