Making full use of the technologies now available to monitor electric fence operation can make for more effective and less stressful fencing according to Mark Oliver, UK Sales Manager with Gallagher.

Renowned for producing innovative and high-quality energisers, Gallagher is the biggest brand in electric fencing and provides cost-effective solutions for cattle, sheep and deer farming and for equine applications

“Life is never predictable and in life, things can just happen. No matter how well designed and installed an electric fence network might be, occasionally there will be a problem. What matters is that the problem can be identified and rectified quickly.

“One of the commonest questions we get is how do I know the fence is working, and if it isn’t working where is the problem,” he comments. “With many infrastructures running to over 20 kilometres of fence, integrity of the fence and tracking faults is a major issues. Where do you start to look? Which way do you go round the fence?

“Luckily new technologies help to greatly reduce the concern and can allow more effective fencing with speedy problem resolution is the event of a break in the current.

“Our iSeries range of energisers provide outstanding control with constant monitoring of the fence operation.”

Designed to energise a wide range of fencing infrastructures, the iSeries energisers will power fences up to 100km long. But the i stands for intelligent and it is the information generated by the system and how it is used that sets the iSeries apart.

Inline fence sensors constantly monitor the operation of the fence, measuring the output. If for any reason the fence fails, the sensors identify the problem and also the zone where it has occurred, meaning you can go straight to the fault and repair it. Once you locate the fault you can switch the energiser off by either sending a message from your mobile phone or using the remote control so you won’t get a shock while mending the fault.

In paddock grazing systems, fitting one sensor per paddock provides fail safe grazing management

“All the data on the fence is shown in a single display box which can be placed up to 50m away from the energiser, perhaps in the office.” Mark continues. “As soon as a problem is identified a warning is sent.

“An app making it possible to have all you need to know about the operation of the fence sent direct to your phone, giving simple 24-hour security. The app also identifies the location of any faults, allowing rapid restoration of the full integrity of the fence. It is Wi-Fi enabled and is a multi-user system for greater flexibility.

“The iSeries energisers are the best way to increase security and peace of mind with electric fencing systems,” Mark concludes.

The iSeries energisers retail from £666 (+VAT). For a limited period Gallagher is offering a combined remote-control and faultfinder free with their bestselling M2800i energiser.

For more information, call Gallagher customer service team on 02476 470141 or email Info.uk@gallaghereurope.com

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