Finnish giants Metsawood chose Twin Automating for their new manufacturing plants in the UK.  Three fence panel production units have been successfully installed at sites in Norfolk.

The automatic fence panel assembly and handling lines can produce all types of lap and close board panels in full and half height sizes which include fully integrated stacking lines.

This in turn means that the panels can be transferred either into stock or straight to articulated trailers direct from the production line. The stacking lines can collect and orientate the panels into stacks automatically without manual intervention and in counted stacks by selection.

The new out feed conveyor  units are designed to allow lift truck access with empty pallets already on the forks.   All units are available with automatic dip or stain tanks in line with nailing line.  Each line complete with drip and fluid return systems. All the nailing positions fully programmable from keypad and include all diagnostic and testing functions. The production units are available to manufacture full perimeter panels as well as traditional open sided UK designs.