MRT Fencing has taken this opportunity to thank everybody who has continued to support them in what was a turbulent 2020 for all.

A spokesperson commented: “As part of the Celsa family, MRT is very proud of the achievements of Celsa UK which was recently named as the number one recycling company in the UK.

“2021 will have its own challenges. The steel industry in general is going through a period of unprecedented volatility but you can be assured that the highest levels of quality achieved by Celsa Group and MRT will continue to grow given we have full control of the entire manufacturing process.

“In agriculture, the newly launched XK MRT field fence builds on the continuing successes of the Masterfence, Erizo and Bravo brands familiar in the UK, and the FK MRT fixed knot, renowned globally as the strongest knot currently available.

“Along with the chainlink, weldmesh and security fencing products produced in house, these ranges are available via the dealer network throughout the UK from the increased stock held at our warehouse in the Midlands.

“MRT is building for the future and is most grateful to the dealers and their customers for supporting its pioneering environmental ethos and buying their great value products,” they added.

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