It’s been over a year since Fencing & Landscaping News profiled Tim Perrett and Perrett Post Plate (PPP) developed by his father. The same infectious enthusiasm is as much in evidence as ever with the new business going from strength to strength.

Tim explained, “We’ve come a long way in the past twelve months with the PPP really making its mark with fencing contractors across the length and breadth of the UK quite literally.

“We’ve got customers from Cornwall right up to the northern Scottish Highlands and islands with new enquiries coming in all the time.

“The article in Fencing & Landscaping News proved very effective alongside our ‘try before you buy’ scheme that allows contractors to test out the product for a week or two. We also have shown the plate on our fencing trade stand at various shows and will be atAPF show later this year to show the plate to possible customers

“My father Tony runs the business with my mother and they’ve even got a map of the UK up in the office with pins in marking sales and potential leads. It’s all very organised!” exclaimed Tim who runs the fencing contracting side of the business encompassing 3 teams of agricultural, equestrian and garden fencers from their base in Sherborne, Dorset.

The Perrett Post Plate (PPP) had been in development by Tony since 2015 before being launched in 2021. After going through numerousprototypes, the eventual finished plate features around 150 patented, retractable pins that grip each post in place.

“Because the pins are retractable,” continued Tim “you don’t damage the post top while the other pins hold the post steady”. Existing plate systems with pins can often damage the wood allowing for water ingress and affecting the integrity and longevity of each post. We believe that our system is the best out there and our fencing customers really appreciate knowing we don’t damage their valuable timber on installation. “It took years to develop the right configuration and spacing for the pins. They are the key magic ingredient within the PPP

“We’ve tied up with many of the major UK postknocker manufacturers, such as WRAG, Protech, Bryce and Solotrack and can now offer the plate as an operational extra when purchasing your new machine”.

“We are planning a new range of videos and case studies to showcase the system further through our comprehensive website

“The growing number of contractors using the PPP is providing us with data that is allowing us to monitor performance across the UK. The encouraging signs are that once a contractor has purchased one, we’ve seen them come back for each of their machines to be changed over.

“Dad’s very proud of what he’s achieved and enjoys getting out to meet new contractors all the time. It’s allowed him to step back from having to do daily fencing contracting work and is now working closely with a locally based engineer to ensure that each plate is manufactured to his standard”.

“It’s an exciting process for us all especially given the novel nature of the PPP. Our dream is to have all postknockers fitted with a PPP and, whilst that may well be impossible, we are well on our way to making the working lives of many contractors just that bit easier,” concluded Tim.

The PPP is clearly making the right impact and is yet another example of UK engineering innovation designed to simplify the fencing process. 01963 205050 

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