Security, safety and manufacturing excellence all play their part in the automated gate industry. Add in value for money and you have the perfect recipe for clients in a post Brexit world according to Rhino Gates MD Nick Moran.

Nick, who bought the Wednesbury-based company in 2016, has a clear vision of establishing Rhino Gates as the premier value manufacturer of tracked and cantilevered, automatic and manual sliding gates in the UK. He’s well on his way.

Nick commented “We have made a conscious effort to offer the best value manual and automated cantilever and tracked sliding gates in the UK without compromising on the design and manufacturing process.

“We are focused on four specific types of gate manufactured to each customer’s exact sizes with a choice of specifications regarding gate infill’s and access control solutions. We have no plans to diversify at this moment in time. We know where our strengths lie. We make great gates sliding gates!

“It can often be vulgar to talk about cost but it’s generally a consideration for customer wanting to purchase anything! We’re proud that we offer the best value around backed up by Black Country technical expertise, arguably the manufacturing heart of the UK.

“That said, gate safety is our number one, two and three priority. We take every measure possible by incorporating the latest safety measures. All gates are manufactured here in our Wednesbury factory in a controlled environment and all gates comply to industry safety standards and are CAT Level 3 safety assured. All gates are also bench tested for 48 hours prior to delivery to the client.

There’s plenty of customers who’ll attest to Nick’s mantra on cost. Kurt Broadhurst of Might Self Storage, recently installed two of Rhino’s Gates at an industrial park just off the M6 in Walsall.

“We looked at several gate manufacturers,” explained Kurt “and made a like for like comparison. In terms of build quality and built-in safety features there was very little to differentiate between the established suppliers.

“When it came to cost however Rhino Gates beat the competition hands down. It was a no brainer. They’re half the cost of the last set of automated gates I installed, with no discernible difference in build, quality and far superior customer service and after sales service in my opinion.”

“I’d definitely recommend a Rhino to anyone looking for a sliding gate,” added Kurt.

Kurt is one of many happy customers across the length and breadth of the UK to discover that peace of mind need not come at a premium.

Nick went on: “We keep our overheads low, our offering simple and our customers happy and it’s working!

“It can be a shock because customers always think that a Rhino will charge more!” concluded Nick.