McVeigh Parker’s bespoke fencing system is the answer to a really wild challenge. Triple X fencing is chosen by the award winning Port Lympne Hotel and Reserve to blend into the surroundings and maintain a good view of their Roan Antelope whilst ensuring they are totally secure.

The Roan antelope is normally found on the African Savanna, but closer to home the wildlife reserve at Port Lympne in Kent now have a herd of one of the largest antelope in Africa.

McVeigh Parker were involved in an urgent project erecting a fence for these impressive animals before the re-opening of the Port Lympne reserve. The project consisted of several challenges, along with the short time frame, there was a need to have a fence strong enough to contain Roan antelope as well as Camels, and the aesthetics of it had to be right both for the public to be able to view the animals and the design to be sympathetic to the exclusive lodges that the Reserve let to clients.

Simon the Reserve Director was looking for a long-life fence and having previously trialledClipex posts for electric fencing, his concern was that the taller deer fencing components used in the Triple X fencing system would be too visible from the lodges.McVeigh Parker were confident we could offer a product that would satisfy the demands of the Reserve. All the posts were painted with special adhesive black paint, without the need for an initial primer, this not only sped up installation but ensured they would blend into the landscape.

The project needed to be completed within a week, P.M.Tassell Fencing and Agricultural Contractors were the business with the necessary resources and experience, having previously installed many Triple X all-steel fencing systems. They were able to prioritise their projects to complete this job in such a short time frame.

Chris Hambridge said: “This was a challenging exercise, occasionally there is a concern about the appearance of galvanised posts in sensitive areas. With the narrow profile of the steel post, at least a third that of timber and the alu/zinc-coated wire which gets darker as it ages, spraying the posts once erected certainly reduced and almost eliminated any immediate aesthetic concerns. We are now confident with this process we have the solution for most applications.”

Simon said “We are very pleased with the overall result, especially how it blends into the landscape. We were also very impressed with its strength, we recently had a carrier bag blow through the paddock spooking the Roan who ran straight into the fence, the fence held strong, we just needed to adjust a few minor stay wires and it was as good as new.“

The Triple X fencing system offers many advantages to our customers, including sustainability with a lower carbon footprint than treated timber, fully recyclable at the end of its service life, longevity, speed of erection, big cost savings over the extended life of the fence and less ground disturbance.

Products used:

  • Beefy intermediate 3.0m posts every 4.5m
  • Strainers – Triple X diagonal end strainers 3.3m long
  • Wire – Xfence XHT13-190-22 200m roll
  • Fixings – Gripple T clips at the ends, crimp joins
  • Deer gates 3.6m x 1.8m, 75 x 75mm mesh on 114mm posts.

If you would like to know more about this award-winning bespoke system please contact McVeigh Parker on 03330 050115 sales@mcveighparker.co.uk www.mcveighparker.com

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