Social media success for Roughneck

 Social media success for Roughneck

Olympia Tools, the company behind the Roughneck brand of hand tools and workwear, has seen a surge in demand for its products thanks to social media.

Two of the distributor’s especially innovative product lines featured in posts that subsequently went viral, attracting interest from a global audience.

The first product to prove a social media success was the Roughneck Tri Vice™. This highly portable plate vice can be used on-site or in confined spaces to hold materials whilst they’re cut, drilled, measured, ground, filed and much more.

Thanks to an intelligent design, which includes carefully considered apertures, Tri Vice™ can grip conduits, rigid steel pipes, PVC and ABS, as well as copper tubing and many timber sizes.

Tri Vice™ also benefits from an all but unbreakable one piece construction and is made from solid steel with a powder coating for added durability. Olympia Tools is so confident in the product’s robust nature that it is backed by a 10 year guarantee.

A video about Tri Vice™ appeared on Facebook in the United States and went on to attract 6 million views and 7000 comments. As a result, demand for the product soared by 400%.