MRT Fencing, a leading manufacturer of fencing in Spain, has launched its new XK MRT knotted mesh. This mesh is differentiated by the X shape of its knot, which is both discreet and extra strong.

The XK MRT is used for the containment of animals in selected settings: in livestock farms for sheep, goats, cows, etc. It is also used in hunting grounds (deers) as well as on highways to prevent animals such as badgers.

The XK MRT is already proving popular with equine farms because its knots have no edges so it avoids damaging the skin of the animals.

XK MRT mesh comes with the option of including a line of hinge knots in order to bend it effortlessly and negate the need for digging.

The XK MRT mesh is manufactured according to theEN10223-5 standard, with high tensile horizontal wires that increase strength against impact. It is heavy galvanized, A class according to the EN10244-2 standard, which increases its durability.

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