A pioneer in electric fencing in New Zealand since 1938, Speedrite is now rapidly establishing an international reputation for performance and durability. In the UK market a growing number of new distributors offering a comprehensive range are stocked, distributed and supported from our UK headquarters in the Scottish Borders and extensive sales team in the field.

The result of decades of intense research and development mean you can rely on the Speedrite range of energizers and electric fencing accessories to deliver maximum power and performance along with quality, design and reliability.

From hi-tech components and a compact, rugged design, to advanced technologies, our energizers are rugged and made for all weather conditions to continually perform.

Cyclic Wave™ technology for example delivers a cleaner, more powerful pulse, maximising the energy that travels down the fence for optimal stock control. Bipolar technology ensures the fence remains powered in dry conditions and in low conductive soils.

The most important component of your electric fence infrastructure is arguably the earth system. This means optimum performance of your fence. All Speedrite underground cable is double insulated galvanised steel or aluminium wire to reduce the risk of voltage leakage. Earth kits, with galvanised rods and clamps ensure effective connection between energizer and earth, maximising fence performance.

Speedrite insulators are reliable, strong and UV stabilised for long life in permanent fencing offering a wide range of post fixings for conventional wood and metal Y post. Wood post insulators come with pinlock and claw options both providing twin spark guards to prevent arcing from wire to post. Insulators are also secured with screw-in, nail-on and staple fixing means onto wooden posts. Y postfixings include pinlock and bolt-on insulators. They also incorporate rope, braid and tape for equine use.

Extreme end strain insulators are manufactured with reinforced glass filled polymer for maximum strength. Speedrite insultube also offers an extremely economical and quick insulation method fixed with fencing staples.

Strainers are typically of a galvanized steel frame and an aluminium spool construction for strength and longevity but also being lightweight with a range of insulated heavy duty porcelain, spring clip and in-line options.

Speedrite outriggers/standoffs help to preserve the life of a conventional fence by simply attaching a hotwire to keep stock off the fence where they may push and congregate damaging and slackening both wire, netting and posts.

Gateway solutions come in bungy, spring or tape variations depending on your needs and preference and can include reflective tape for high visibility and safety across the widest of 11 metre gateways if required.

Gate packs offer a wide selection of options handles. They include the versatile Speedrite extreme dual purpose handle -ideal for use in high traffic gateways. This can be used as a ‘live’ hook or an insulated hook in temporary fencing, or as a gate break handle. It has a robust flat profile so is less prone to damage and can literally be driven over without damage. A strong stainless steel backbone provides high conductivity and corrosion resistance. Tape or bungy can be attached through the simple knot-free and unique hook design enabling a smooth and secure connection to an activator plate.

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