SpillTector Generator Drip Trays from First Mats

 SpillTector Generator Drip Trays from First Mats

Floor matting and safety product specialists, First Mats, have announced the addition of a new range of Generator Drip Trays. Named SpillTector, these specially designed trays catch generator oil leaks, protecting the surrounding environment from contamination.

The SpillTector products are designed with various features that make them more effective in safely containing oil leaks than traditional drip trays. Firstly, the range covers four sizes from 70cm x 55cm for small, portable generators to extra large 137cm x 200cm for heavy-duty applications. In each case, the trays have flexible walls that allow the operator to simply roll the generator over the edge and onto the tray without needing specialist lifting equipment.

However, the clever part of the SpillTector design is the mats supplied with the drip trays. These uniquely designed mats are made up of several layers of absorbent materials, topped with a durable PVC grid to prevent the layers from tearing under the generator. The absorbent layer is made from a hydrophobic material that quickly absorbs oil whilst repelling water. The advantage is that if the generator is used outside, any rainwater will run off the mat and drain through the holes in the plastic tray underneath, while the mat will safely contain any oil leaks.

Each mat can absorb between 4 and 32 litres of oil, depending on the size, and can be replaced with a new mat when full. These clever features of the SpillTector range mean generator leaks can be contained quickly and efficiently with minimal fuss. The trays offer a reliable, cost-effective way to help generator users meet their environmental obligations, making them a fantastic addition to First Mats’ existing range of safety-focused products.


To learn more or to buy your SpillTector Generator Drip Trays online, visit the First Mats website.


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