There is a long-term growing demand for timber as a sustainable material in the fencing and landscaping sector. As in the construction market, it is increasingly recognised as a truly renewable material.

When managed responsibly it is a naturally sustainable product which can be harvested with the bare minimum of impact on the environment. Timber is lightweight, easily workable, and incredibly versatile. Furthermore, carbon remains trapped in the finished wooden product, helping to reduce overall CO2 levels.

During 2021, most buyers havebeen unable to purchase all thetimber they require. This is despite the highest volume of timber imports since 2007. There will be a return to a more equalised balance between supply and demand but overall, the need to decarbonise globally will ensure timber remains in strong demand.

When it comes to fencing, timber is still discussed in terms of its long-term performance. With plenty of information available, such as the WPA’s excellent “MakeSure it’s 4” campaign and the many articles in Fencing & LandscapingNews, awareness is increasing for the need to buy UC4 timber for use in ground contact. It is vitallyimportant that suppliers are able to ensure that the quality of the treatment is fit for purpose. Ellpro Timber’s Pro-Post range is backed by the TANALITH Treat-Right accolade. This benchmark for treated timber ensures the highest standards for the full treatment procedure are carefully applied.

Our Pro-Post range is produced exclusively using Redwood, slow grown in the forests of Europe. It is carefully kiln dried with years of experience and the latest kilning technology, ensuring the appropriate moisture content to maximise sapwood penetration. The timber is then treated to Use Class 4 which meets the requirements of BS8417 for ground contact.

We use the latest generation TANALITH wood preservative in our high-pressure treatment facilities to produce the high-performanc  Pro-Post range. TANALITH is a unique formulation product from Lonza Wood Protection with many years of tried, tested and proven performance in markets around the world. It provides an advancedlong-term protection against thethreat of wood decay and insect attack, especially for ground contact timbers and it has been the basis for the Ellpro Pro-Post from the very beginning. TANALITH incorporates patented and award winning BARamine application technologies from Lonza Wood Protection. These BARamine technologies help further boost the already impressiveperformance of TANALITH to provide a more consistent and deeper penetration into the wood.

Each Pro-Post product isidentity stamped. The branded identification immediately lets you know where the post is from and the year it was produced. Our partners in Latvia scrutinise every stage of the treatment procedure to ensure our product continues to meet the strict requirements of the TANALITH Treat-Right quality accolade. We periodically examine treated timbersamples to establish treatment penetration levels are consistent and in line with expectation.

We have real confidence in the long-term performance of thePro-Post range and our customers know from many years of buyingwooden posts from Ellpro Timber, it is a sustainable product they can be confident in too.

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