Arxada, a global, science-based leader in specialty chemicals, announces its wood protection solution Tanasote S40 has been authorised for use under GB Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR). With this latest GB BPR approval, Tanasote is now authorised for use as a wood preservative in 23 countries across Europe.

Designed as a modern alternative to creosote, timber treated with Tanasote is easy to use, offers a long service life of up to 40 years, is low odour and is supported by commercial trial data across key sectors of agricultural fencing, utility poles and railway sleepers. One of the initial commercial trials was in partnership with Tim Bennett Farm Fencing, who agreed to test Tanasote treated timber at a site in West Sussex.

The fencing trial, installed in 2018, was a big commitment from the fencing contractor who has an enviable reputation spanning 35 years. Tim Bennett, Director, continues to be pleased with his participation in the trial and says about the treated timber:

“Tanasote copper-oil does not ‘bleed’ from the timber during hot weather conditions, the treated timbers have no strong smell and they are easy to install.

In my experience six years is enough time to detect a failing post. I can see no sign of failure on any Tanasote post I have installed. There is no sign of plant and vegetation ‘burn’ around the base of the posts.”

Protecting against a wide spectrum of decay fungi, Tanasote is specifically designed to be robust, providing end user confidence in a long product service life. Tanasote treated timber now offers the agricultural and industrial fencing sectors a modern and installer friendly option when specifying and using high performance timber.

With timber treaters given the green light to treat with Tanasote in the UK, John Abbott, Head of Commercial Operations for Arxada’s Wood Protection EMEA division, says there is now reason for the industry to step away from creosote, and to follow in the steps of EU Member States. John comments:

“Tanasote has over a decade of test data and commercial trial evidence, showing it can be regarded a modern and user friendly replacement for timber that needs to provide long service life in high performance situations such as agricultural fencing. If wood is to be kept as a primary material of choice in important industrial applications, the industry needs to be bold and adopt modern and innovative BPR-authorised alternatives. Future wood protection technologies should confidently deliver both high performance and lower environmental impact than other materials, such as steel and concrete. With the maximum BPR authorisation period in all 23 countries where it has been granted approval, Tanasote is an exciting and proven alternative that meets these criteria.”

To find out more about Tanasote copper oil, visit www.trusttanasote.com

Ben Walton