FAC of Italy formed in 1973 manufactures High Quality Gate Components which promote the Safe and Reliable installation of Residential and Commercial Gates.

Our Experience has allowed us to develop a variety of solutions for Cantilever, Tracked and Hinged Gates and more recently Kits which allow Bi-fold, Telescopic and now Radius (Around the Corner) solutions to be applied with ease which meet most specifications, now included in our new 2021 technical catalogue.

This catalogue aims to help in the correct choice of Hardware to suit each application by offering solutions to meet all specifications taking into account opening dimensions, terrain and weather conditions.

The catalogue presents all of our classic Cantilever, Tracked and Hinged Gate Solutions together with these newer solutions for BI-FOLDING HD and RADIUS Furthermore, it contains all the kit specifications, integrated with a QR code with technical information and a selection of the essential items to achieve a safe and secure installation.


This kit has been developed to allow an Unsupported gate to travel around a 90-degree corner and travel alongside a garden border or fence parking at a right angle to the opening.

The gate is constructed using one First leaf kit followed by as many equal sized Second leaf kits required to fill the opening (leaf sizes from 400 mm up to a maximum of 1500 mm wide) with each kit providing all of the components required. A curved rail is provided in one of two sizes at 500mm and 1000m to guide the gate around the angle using swiveling wheels mounted on each leaf which are also designed with shock-absorbing springs to increase the smoothness of operation.

The Radius Kit completes the modern Gate Solutions offer provided by FAC giving a real choice for both the fabricator and the client

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