The recent past could well be marked in history because of Brexit, Covid and divisive politics so it is good to report on a company that has a positive attitude and is thriving.

Fencing News caught up with the Bryce Family of Kelso whomanufacture their world beatingrange of Post Drivers and reported a record year of trading and exports.

As well as experiencing buoyant trade in UK and Europe, large shipments of repeat business have been shipped to Australia, New Zealand and North America from their manufacturing base near Morebattle in the Scottish Borders.

“It’s been a testing time” said Jock. “At the start of lockdown we had guys on furlough and at the same time we were receiving many enquiries which we converted into a very high strike rate. Customers understood the situation and paid their deposits accepting longer delivery times in order to get the machine of their choice.”

Andrew and Stuart Bryce have taken over the day to day running of the company and have been under intense pressure to deliver on a very tight schedule.

Jock commented: “There is a lot of despondency out there in many sectors right now including agriculture with Brexit amongst other things so my thoughts were to try and convey a positive message and never think with a negative attitude.

Andrew goes on to say, “It has been a very testing year for us all here at Bryce Suma since the initial COVID lockdown as we have had to manage our customers’ expectations whilst working in the proper, safe manner plus also trying to maintain a steady stream of machines going through the production process with the minimum of disruption to our preplanned timescales however I feel that we have done that well but it has been hard with customers being very understanding indeed.

“One thing that appears to be ringing loud and clear as far as I see it is that customers have made their decision to spend their hard earned money wisely and go for a tried and trusted brand with exceptional build quality and performance.

“Something that really tickled me was that I had a customer call me up last week to say that their business had totally transformed since they collected his new Profi XL in the Spring of this year and now he has work coming in from everywhere. This is a farmer who also contracts and has even had folk wanting just to come and see the machine working so that tells me that we are doing things well and doing these things right!” said Andrew.

Stuart added “ With all the obstacles that have been thrown at everyone this year in these challenging times, we are very fortunate to have a great team around us to continue to produce and turn out a high quality product day in, day out to meet our high demands.”

Asking Jock how they got to where they are today, he explained: “It’s never easy when you start with nothing but a pair of hands and only £25 in your pocket. It takes a lot of self-discipline, self-sacrifice and determination involving literally tens of thousands of hours, on average 80 hours per week, of thinking, making, designing, testing, patenting, writing, taking bucketloads of photographs, often having to travel somewhere to get the right picture and then laying out of brochures. A belief and 100% focus in what you do will help you reach your goal and it didn’t matter whether I was breeding ¾ bred Limousin calves, farm contract work or erecting fencing, I was always pursuing excellence and attention to detail.

“It is all to do with passion. My work is my hobby 24/7 and you only get out of life what you put into it. If one door shuts another will open and you must seize every opportunity that comes your way.

If you are fed with a silver spoon there is a great danger of complacency creeping in and your mind becomes trained not to think or incapable of thinking of a next move or a way forward when the going gets tough.

“Gain strength from adversity and never give up, be honest, use your word as your bond, try and build bridges with others and negotiate an agreement that is fair to both parties providing the demands are reasonable.

Over the last 47 years we have had highs and lows but you need grit and determination to overcome the lows and keep marching on. One thing for sure is we would never be where we are today without my wife and the family. “You only reap what you sow!” concluded Jock.

Bryce Suma Post Drivers Andrew : 07901 618479 Stuart : 07970 450720  Jock : 07970 730567

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