There can’t be many instances worldwide where a Gold Award- Winning machine is engaged in work in a gold mine.

However this is the case near Tyndrum in the Scottish Highlands where the first commercial gold mine has been given full planning permission. Alex Hill of A H Contractors
near Oban in N. W. Scotland started fencing when he was 16 years old. 11 years later and having had experience of using another well- known brand, he went looking in
the marketplace at tracked fencing machines and subsequently decided to purchase a Bryce 180 Pro , taking delivery in December 2016.

Alex explains “on a contract round a goldmine there were 72 straining posts and the locals told me I would never get the posts in down by the river as it was all water stone and river boulders. In fact, even though all the ground was very hard , I got every post in and right down to the correct depth. I have been more than happy with my purchase and am pleased to say that the decision to go with the Bryce machine has proved to be the right one in so many ways.

My work is basically split between railway fence contracts, deer and stock fencing in some very rugged terrain in the Scottish glens and mountains. The Bryce 180 Pro ticks the box in every way and is very difficult to fault – in fact I can’t fault it. This machine has made a massive difference to our business – to the throughput of work, the size of contracts that we can take on and its ability to go absolutely anywhere and let us get the job done with speed and minimum effort.

The build quality and features  are outstanding and it is the combination of everything that makes this machine something really special. It also has a super rockspike system and this is used an awful lot. It can climb to some very impressive places and it’s stability is really good, even on severe side slopes – no issues at all.

I have had the machine nearly 2.5 years now and apart from routine servicing and plenty of grease I have never laid a spanner on it and it’s  still on its original hammer rope. It doesn’t matter whether I am working up Glen Etive, Tyndrum, Laggan or down on the railtrack, the Bryce 180 Pro performs with effortless efficiency. ”

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