Timber industry consolidation continues with TDUK and WPA Affiliation Agreement July 2022

A new Affiliation Agreement between Timber Development UK (TDUK) and the Wood Protection Association (WPA) sets the template for further consolidation of the timber industry, helping to drive the mass adoption of timber as a sustainable construction solution.

TDUK has been formed from a merger between the Timber Trade Federation (TFF) and The Timber Research and Development Association (TRADA), creating the largest, most comprehensive supply chain body in the UK. TDUK now spans more than 1500 member businesses representing everything from Sawmill to Specifier.

The WPA is the UK authority on wood protection and plays a lead role in influencing, developing and promoting technologies that enhance the performance and value of wood as a building material. Under the Affiliation Agreement TDUK and WPA will continue to operate as independent membership organisations but WPA will act as the TDUK’s centre of expertise on flame-retardant treatments, wood modification and preservation, providing the essential technical, quality assurance and support services under a united strategy to grow demand for added value treated timber products that can be trusted.

The TDUK Affiliation Agreement with WPA is part of a bigger mission to align all wood and timber technical specification information under one roof. In so doing, TDUK aims to empower architects, designers, specifiers and engineers with the knowledge and confidence they need to use wood in their projects.

TDUK CEO, Dave Hopkins commented:

“This affiliation agreement formalises what is already a very good working relationship. WPA provides TDUK with the opportunity to access unrivalled specialist experience, information, data, technical expertise and team resources from another vital part of the timber supply chain. It is another clear example of TDUK’s mission to create the most comprehensive supply chain body in the UK, so we can act as an agent of change toward more sustainable, low-carbon forms of construction.
“WPA and TDUK’s missions are already closely aligned. So, it makes perfect sense to work together to achieve greater impact as timber takes centre stage for the race to net-zero construction.”

WPA Director Gordon Ewbank said:

“Wood treatments are an integral part of the timber supply chain, so it makes good commercial and technical sense for WPA and TDUK to share our respective capabilities and speak with one voice on treatment-related matters. Our agreement to become a TDUK-affiliated trade association is a further step in what has been a growing and fruitful partnership with the Timber Trade Federation in recent years, providing mutual benefits to both associations, our customers and, most importantly, our members”
TDUK will be officially launched later in the year and will have a strong presence at UK Construction Week at the Birmingham NEC in October.


Notes to editors

About TDUK

Timber Development UK has been formed from the merger of the two largest and longest established organisations in the supply chain, the Timber Trade Federation (TTF) and Timber Research and Development Association (TRADA).

Bringing these two associations together as one will create the largest, most comprehensive supply chain body in the UK, spanning from sawmill to specifier and all points in between.

As a single supply chain organisation we are seeking to:
• Connect the Supply chain
• Lead Best Practice
• Accelerate a low-carbon future

TDUK has over 1200 business members forming a professional network across the country.
To learn more please visit: https://www.timberdevelopment.uk

About WPA

The Wood Protection Association acts as a technical and advisory body providing guidance to the timber products supply chain, specifiers, contractors, engineers and architects on the best ways to ensure wood is fit for its intended purpose.
By actively promoting and developing the technology that enhances the performance and value of sustainable softwood products – mainly through preservation, wood modification or flame retardant treatment – the WPA also enables the timber supply sector and project designers to make the most of wood and realise its full potential.
WPA is the UK lead body on all matters concerning wood protection and has a respected voice with many British and European Standards setters. In addition, we have strategic partnerships in place with other major trade associations, so that we speak with one voice on such issues.

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