With more people turning to electric fencing as a cost effective and flexible option for a range of applications, Gallagher are predicting continued growth in demand for the installation of systems which will create opportunities for fencing contractors.

“Electric fencing is widely recognised as a practical system for livestock farmers, either for temporary or permanent configurations,” comments Mark Oliver from Gallagher UK. “More farmers are turning to electric systems as a way of improving flexibility of grassland management to increase productivity.

“We are also seeing interest from new markets. Electric fencing systems have been widely used for many years and new developments including solar energisers have increased the breadth of where systems can be used successfully. With this we have also seen particular growth with both smallholders, equine centres and free-range poultry units turning to electric fencing as a preferred solution.

“The flexibility of electric fencing is a particular attraction as it is easy to relocate or reconfigure fences, or to expand a fence.

“We have also seen particular interest in the use of our fencing systems as a predator deterrent keeping animals like foxes, deer and other species out as opposed to keeping farmed animals in.”

Mark says that increased demand means there are more opportunities for fencing contractors, both existing Gallagher users working across new applications and new contractors looking to add electric fencing to their portfolio.

Peter Sharman from Sharman Fencing Ltd in Dorset had been installing Gallagher systems for the last seven years, both large and small projects, as well as providing routine maintenance and fence checks.

“When we decided to move into electric fencing, we considered a number of manufacturers, but Gallagher stood out because of their reputation and the quality of the products,” he comments. “There are some cheaper products available in the marketplace, but when you are installing a system to last and keep livestock safe you need quality and reliability.”

Initially, the work was primarily farm-based but he is now seeing more interest from domestic users wanting to keep predators out and has been able to install bespoke systems to meet the demand.

“The back-up, technical support and training from Gallagher is excellent. Their fence planner tool allows us to design a system for any situation and ensure it will operate efficiently and effectively with the optimum combination of components and all their energisers have a seven-year warranty which is the best available.”

“Gallagher are always innovating and developing new systems which gives us more options when designing fencing systems for different markets. We have been installing a lot of solar energisers recently which are ideal for small and large fences and work efficiently in the wide range of the typical weather conditions we see in the UK. I am really impressed with the quality and reliability of the Gallagher solar energisers”.

Mark Oliver says Gallagher would like to talk to fencing contractors interested in expanding their existing electric capabilities or looking to add a new option to their portfolio as he is confident the opportunities are clearly there to grow businesses together in the next few years.


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