Treating It Right At Windymain

 Treating It Right  At Windymain

It’s been a good year so far for Windymains sawmill just south of Edinburgh.

Part of Irish firm Glennon Brothers founded in 1913, the sawmill is one of four dotted around the British Isles with another Scottish sawmill located at Troon that focuses on carcassing and fencing.

“We are the only site in the group to focus solely on fencing,” explained sawmill manager David Rodger “and we’ve been working at near optimum capacity throughout 2016. We’re on target to manufacture and treat over 115,000 square metres of fencing.

“We manufacture and supply a wide range of fencing systems including posts, rails, slats, feather edge boards, sleepers and Arris Rail.

“We have one WTT treatment tank using both green and brown. We’ve been with Koppers Performance Chemicals since the tank was first installed. Reliable and trustworthy, Koppers are always on hand to deal swiftly with any issues that might arrive.

“The tank operates two shifts during the day and is fully automated for a third shift during the night. It’s a very efficient operation.

“We offer the very best treatments, possibly the best in the UK!” added David who joined Glennon in 2006 just a year or so after Windymains sawmill became part of Glennon Brothers.

Employing 72 people, the sawmill supplies trade customers from Cornwall to Caithness using an independent haulier for deliveries.

David went on “Our most recent major investment has been re-saw line which includes a six-head Stenner horizontal set up with on-line cross-cutting and automatic banding.

“The growing influence of incising on the treatment process has led to us incorporating a new line to service this demand. Fully automated, we anticipate a healthy demand for incised products both in terms of fence posts and in sleepers.

“We have a very proactive sales team covering all of the UK. At Windymains we have

Cameron Reynolds, David Knox and Tom Griffiths whilst at Troon we have Craig Cameron, Garreth McEwan, Agnieszka Tomala, and William Dayer overseeing sales.

“In addition we’ve three salesmen out on the road in Ian Charnock (Middle England & North), Gary Young (South England) and Martyn Wilkie (Scotland and North England),” added David.