With winter and more Covid -19 restrictions closing in, some welcome positive news from McVeigh Parker.

What a year, wettest winter in ages, Storm Dennis, then Covid-19, testing times and still far from over. Whilst the UK went into lockdown and companies furloughed their staff or had them working from home, the agricultural and utility sector were able to push on.  At McVeigh Parker we have seen high demand from fencers and utility companies. The vastly reduced number of commuter journeys and train services meant the rail industry could get on with some essential projects. Farmers, of course, continued to farm and needed to install or repair their fences. McVeigh Parker operating in this critical sector were proud to continue to support the industry and maintain local jobs. With the continuing threat of Coronavirus, and Brexit fast approaching, both putting serious pressure on stock supplies, thus forcing many manufacturers into longer lead times. We were able to use the huge stocks held in our eight branches, to carry on supplying our customers in unprecedented times.

At McVeigh Parker we are preparing for a busy Winter and Spring season. Despite all the negative news and pessimistic outlook for business generally we are hearing positive things from a lot of the fencing contractors that we work with. Some companies are seeing full order books well into 2021.

In more good news for farmers and landowners who wish to claim any future grants, this has just been made easier with the revised British Standards. BS 1722-2-2020 , Section 4.2.3. now acknowledges steel posts can be considered an option to strained line wire and fabricated mesh fencing.

Our multi-award winning Triple X fencing is fast becoming the longlife system of choice. More and more contractors are being asked to quote for this type of all-steel fence. McVeigh Parker have made the process easier and combined the best performing products into a range of fence designs that will suit most applications.

For full specifications, applications and case studies go to and download a copy of the brochure or contact us for a hard copy and use it to help with your marketing.

One very good example of a contractor that has recently benefited from using the Triple X fencing system is Cornwall based Tresidder Fencing, they have installed the Triple X Railway fence on a project in Portreath. Using Xfence horse netting and the Clipex Beefy post. The project required a rockfall and debris netting, the location and topography threw up challenges,

“We had to install this by hand on a very steep slope’’ – Tommi Tresidder

In this interesting project, Triple X Horse fencing system was the best choice for ease of both transportation and installation in difficult terrain. Tresidder Fencing used Clipex Beefy larger profile posts throughout as they gave the strongest fence, which was needed to contain and withstand any pressure applied. The customer’s plan is to build 2 new properties above the fence line. The net is intended as a catchment for any potential debris falling down the hill during excavation and building works.

Other popular Triple X fencing systems include Deer containment fencing, plantation protection, free range poultry units, and secure dog runs along with traditional, livestock fencing.

For further details and case study information on the many other projects done the full length and breadth of the UK, please go to

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