A lot has changed for Mark Tosdevine, founder of MST Fencing, since Fencing & Landscaping News first caught up with the Hampshire-based entrepreneur in December 2020.

As well as becoming a father for the first time, Mark has recruited his nephew James to help out with a business whose reputation for manufacturing high quality, handcrafted fence panels is spreading far and wide.

“Baby Elsie was the best thing that has ever happened to me and has transformed my focus and motivation,” explained Mark “whilst the arrival of James has given the business a real edge by dramatically improving our productivity. He’s been a game-changer.

“That said, Dudley, Eunice and Franklyn have also played their part in recent weeks! The three storms that struck the UK in February have led to a big spike in orders from the growing number of builders’ merchants that we supply across the South East from our base in Overton,” added Mark who started MST Fencing just over two years ago after a decade of working within the equestrian sector.

“We’ve expanded rapidly since we were last profiled in the magazine,” continued Mark “and doubled the size of our workshop space last year to cope with increased demand.

“We can manufacture around 120 panels between us on a daily basis. I always aim to produce panels to the very highest of standards and have a very thorough approach to quality control.

“If a panel is not 100% up to scratch then it’s going nowhere and I adopt the same expectations when it comes to our suppliers. Quality really is key to everything we do at MST Fencing.

“We import battens and feather edges from Ireland and every single item is rigorously inspected toensure it is up to scratch.

“The last thing we want is for our customers and end-users to have panels that do not deliver on their promises. Failed products do nobody any good,” added Mark who is continuing to use Facebook as a principal marketing tool.

“It continues to work effectively although word of mouth and reputation seems to be doing the job just as much these days.

“Over the last year, I have become more mindful and careful and a little less gung ho about the growth of the business. Like all enterprises, we want to increase in size but that has to be done sensibly. We cannot run before we walk.

“It helps massively having my partner Charlotte dealing with home life, keeping everything in order and sorting out the invoices and bookkeeping so that we can reduce accountancy costs. This means I can crack on and focus on the job in hand.”

MST Fencing is currently searching for companies interested in stocking a new line in waney lap fencing.

He went on “Demand for the lap panels has gone through the roof as a result of the recent storms and we are in the process of starting to manufacture these items. We are on the lookout for partners up and down our supply chain but they must have a strong commitment to quality!”

It really has been all changed for Mark and the team at MST Fencing in recent times. You get the feeling that his business really is going places whatever storms appear on the horizon. 07717537493 

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