UK Fencing Championships

21st July 2021 – Driffield Show, Driffield, East Yorkshire

The Challenge

The challenge is to erect approximately 40 metres of high tensile stock netting with two strands of 2.5mm high tensile line wire above and one 2.5mm line wire below.

A hand tied joint will be required in the netting towards the middle and a hand tied joint in the top line wire (no joining aids will be permitted). One end strainer assembly is to be constructed with an angle strut. One end strainer assembly is to be constructed as a box strainer. Competitors will also be required to install one standard 3 metre field gate to be hung independently and railed back to the fence. Strainer posts and gate posts to be dug in and back filled with the original material.

Water can be used during the competition if circumstances require.

The judges reserve the right to inspect any aspect of the work following the completion of the task.

The combined scores of the judge’s decisions will be added together and divided to give a final score for each team. In the event of a dispute between the judges the referee judge will take precedence. ** The judge’s decision is final.


Start at 10.00am finishes 2.00pm.

If you are interested in competing in this year’s competition please fill in this entry form or if you have any questions you can contact Ben at or telephone on 01274 610101