Rebo Bamboo is an innovative bamboo product offering a sustainable alternative to timber cladding and decking

This year Landguard Point partnered with REBO Fujian Golden Bamboo Ltd. A Chinese company specialized in the processing and carbonization of raw bamboo poles, to create a product with unique characteristics and elegant design.

Since launching Landguard Point’s Rebo bamboo has been incredibly popular, with sales within the merchanting, landscaping, architectural and construction industries. We envisage bamboo becoming an integral part in design projects of the future, and we are very proud to be a pioneer to the UK market in driving this. The future needs bamboo.

Our bamboo products go through a carbonization process, where it is heated to 180.C, this cleanses the product of any potential biological organisms that could be present. This also enhances thenatural properties of the product. Within this process, we can also determine the coloration of the product. Allowing us to offer both a Dark bamboo and a lighter bamboo colour.

The carbonization processes the bamboo experiences enhances already impressive performance statistics. The methods used mean that the bamboo offers a very durable product, meeting EN requirements in many fields such as toughness, hardness, and durability. Additionally, to these benefits, the bamboo product offers anti-corrosive and fire-rated specifications. Adding to its value, as it carries many safety benefits. It also offers confidence underfoot, with anti-slip values combined in its design, without the eye-sore of gripping material. Which is an important factor in installing decking products.

A key benefit of Rebo Bamboo products is its role in offering a sustainable alternative to the timber market. Bamboo has a very short growing period, 10x shorter than some timber species. Rebo have an 800 million Moso bamboo forest located nearby its 13-hectare production facility. Meaning they can operate sustainably. The future needs to be green, and Rebo bamboo products are a pioneer in its field. Sustainability has become of paramount importance in the modern world, this has been highlighted at the Glasgow Climate Chane Conference this year. We hope we can play our part by introducing this product as an alternative to other less environmentally friendly options on the market.

Bamboo also offers a great natural carbon sink, with bamboo shoots absorbing CO2 and releasing O2 at much faster levels in comparison to softwood and hardwood tree species. A Mosu bamboo pole can grow up to 1 metre in a day. In fact, some bamboo species can absorb CO2 and release O2 up to 30% more efficiently. Therefore, highlighting the potential role bamboo could play in our future.

All products are available with the relative fittings required for installation, as well as installation videos and guides being available too.

Contact us today to find out further information. We look forward to continuing our part in a greener future for the UK, we hope you can join us on that journey in 2022.

The future needs bamboo, make it happen.


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