Profencer has recently added the Compact machine to its range of netting dispensers and tensioning machines.

Profencer founder Allan Froggatt commented: “The Compact is designed to fit onto a tractor front end loader or Telehandler. You use the crowd function to load the netting onto the machine, unlike the other Profencer machines where you have the turntable self-loading mechanism.”

Profencer developed the new Compact machine based on feedback from potential customersas Allan explained: “When talking to potential customers, it was clear that we needed a more compact and easy-to-use machine with less hydraulic functions than our other machines.

“We put our thinking caps on and went back to the drawing board to design the Compact and it’s already generated a lot of interest if our presence at a couple of recent shows is anything to go by.”

  • The new Compact has 3 hydraulic functions.
  • Side shift for placing the netting close to the fence line when dispensing and tying off.
  • Tilt on the clamp for placing the netting to a vertical position when tying off when you are working on bank sides.


Allan added: “This machine is built to the same high standards as all the other machines in the Profencer line up. It can handle 500 metre rolls of stock netting and 200 metre rolls of horse netting with the 1.3m high clamp fitting and has a barbed wire dispenser.

“The clamp is fitted to the machine by a quick hitch system which enables a quick change from the 1.3m high stock/horse netting clamp to the 2.1m high deer clamp.

“All clamps are one way which means you dispense by driving forwards. There is the option of a two-way clamp which means you can dispense driving forwards or in reverse direction.

“If the compact is fitted to a telehandler you can use the forward shift on the telehandlers arm for hydraulic tensioning. You can also have a remote control which means you can adjust the side shift and tilt mechanism whilst driving down the fence line from the tractor cab.

“The feedback from customers who are already using the machine has been very encouraging. We are confident that the Compact will prove to be as popular as the other machines in our range.

“With the Profencer machines, you only buy them once. They are built to last and have proved very reliable over the 14 years we’ve been manufacturing them.

“This is a strong well engineered, and uncomplicated machine that will save hours of time and physical effort,” concluded Allan.