When it comes to selecting fence panels, many end-users often desire a solution that utilises traditional materials; however, unfortunately, this can result in a poor level of offence performance. Here, Birkdale Managing Director, John Abernethie explains how composite gravel boards can actually offer a fencing solution that maximises both aesthetic quality and longevity.

Traditionally, timber has always been the most popular fence panel material within the UK garden market. This is largely as a result of the natural aesthetic that the material creates, as well as the low cost of the panels. However, in recent times, many people have sought alternative options due to the negative characteristics of timber. These include wood’s liability to rot and inability to deal with strong winds, leading to regular maintenance and panel replacement. As a result, in the long term, the cost of timber fence panels can add up.

Composite fencing products on the other hand offer an alternative, designed to provide a natural and authentic aesthetic that is both durable and long-lasting. Originally created to protect the bottom of a fence panel, composite gravel boards can also be successfully stacked to provide an incredibly durable and aesthetic full fence panel. The longevity of the system is ensured by the incredible strength of the materials which are resistant to the elements, providing protection against rot and mould. Not only this, but composite solutions do not crack or splinter, providing a truly ‘fit and forget’ fence panel solution. With fewer replacement panels required, not only can composite solutions cut maintenance costs but they are arguably a more sustainable solution too and are often made from recycled materials.

Unlike concrete gravel boards, composite solutions do not compromise aesthetics, as natural, timber looking fences can be created. With Birkdale’s DuraPost® Composite Gravel Board, natural finish options are available in a variety of colours, affording customers the flexibility they need to find a design that complements the surrounding space. Furthermore, the extruded PVCu board is created with full through colour meaning any damage or scratches sustained over its lifespan will not damage the finish. Fully UV stabilised to BS EN ISO 21306-1:2019, sun exposure will also not impact on colour stability.

A further benefit that should not be overlooked is that composite gravel boards are easy to install, as they have a low weight in comparison with other long-lasting solutions like concrete. This can impact on the installation time and the level of manpower required and also reduces the risk of injury.

DuraPost® Gravel Boards are currently available in three colourways, Anthracite Grey (RAL 716), Sepia Brown (RAL 8014) and Olive Grey (RAL 7002), to suit any garden design. DuraPost® fence posts, capping rails and post caps are also available to match so that one colour scheme can be maintained throughout.

When considering a fencing solution that will be both aesthetic and durable, composite fencing solutions should be considered. At Birkdale, we offer a number of composite products which are available to view online. Alternatively, visit our app to plan, cost and order your next fence project today.

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