If the infectious enthusiasm of Tim Perrett is anything to go by then the recently launched Perrett fence post plate, invented by dad Tony, will go down a storm.

Perrett Fencing, founded in 1996 is based near Sherbourne, Dorset.Tony, Tim and new business partner Sam travel across Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire region with their teams carrying out agricultural and equestrian fencing as well as some garden and industrial fencing too.

Tim explained: “My dad is a bit of an inventor and decided to tackle the age old issue of how plates, used in conjunction with postknocker machines, could really be made to work effectively.

“The main issue that my dad felt strongly about was that these modern plates damaged what we are trying to preserve with the use spikes to hold posts, leaving holes in post tops which can let water into rot them or even split the top of the post when knocking.

“The solution Dad came up with was to use retractable pins, an idea which we have now had patent approval on. He made his first prototype plate during 2015 and, through various modifications carried out with extensive trials out in the field, we have the finished product available for sale in two versions; the PPP standard is for smaller, more compact post hitters with the PPP heavyweight aimed at large machine with weights greater than 300kg.

“The nature of the system also means that along with not damaging the post, the pins help prevent post twist of cut timber and allow for you to knock in a post anywhere under the plate which speeds up performance. It’s a remarkably simple idea that is the result of hours of blood, sweat and tears on the part of my dad to get the perfect pin weight, bore, length, material and spacing.

“We are hoping that contractors across the world will recognise the benefits of operating their postknocker machines, whatever the brand, in conjunction with a dedicated, long lasting post plate that delivers improved efficiency and productivity while looking after the timber they are installing.

“Our own customers have all been impressed with the change from spikes to pins, with farmers and land owners spreading the word about our plates preserving post tops and leading to more enquires from people who value their timber.

“It’s easy to operate and control and does increase the levels of safety associated with installing fence posts. An easily and cheaply replaceable finger guard rail has also been incorporated in the design to help mitigate against any accidents, along with stopping splash back on rainy days.

Tim and Tony will be taking the “Drop and Knock with Perrett Post Plates” message on the road this year to a number of events, subject to the impact of Covid-19, and the energy behind their marketing drive is visible in a bright and easily navigable product website.

The Perrett post plate website (www.perrettpostplate.co.uk) provides a fascinating timeline of the evolution of the PPP including updates and images from all the various modifications over the years as well as links to video that clearly demonstrate the innovative features and simplicity for users.

With the issue of failing fence posts once again in the news, innovations such as the Perrett Post Plate will help to keep damaged posts down to a minimum which can only be a good thing.

You have to hand it to Tony, Tim and the team at Perrett Fencing… on a plate!


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