Innovation comes in all shapes and sizes!

Harry Industries® has designed and developed a simple yet innovative tool which has been greeted with enthusiasm and 5 star ratings by professional contractors and DIYers alike.
Company founder Jon Harry explained: “TidyFence® fence board spacers are a true innovation for the fencing industry. Their clever design provides a neat solution to a problem that fencers have learnt to live with or have just adapted their technique to and maybe compromised on quality when constructing a feather edge fence on site.”
Based on his extensive experience of constructing feather edge fencing, Jon realised that there was a requirement for a tool that could assist with the accurate spacing of the feather edge boards. A device was required that was light, easy to hold and would not have to be put down every time it came to nailing.
Jon went on: “Many fencers will knock up a spacer from an off cut of wood to use as a guide for spacing the boards.
The problem with these is that they generally tend to end up between your teeth when you next reach for a hammer, nail or nail gun, the next board or your spirit level.
While you can do this for a while, it is far from ideal!

“TidyFence fence board spacers solve the problem of not having enough hands to hold all of the tools and materials used in the construction of feather edge fencing.
“The cleverly optimized design means that TidyFence® fence board spacers are small, light and comfortable to hold. They have been designed to be held comfortably via the integrated finger hoop, whilst allowing you to hold a nail in the same hand too if required.
“This ergonomic design means that they can stay on your ring finger continuously whilst you build your feather edge fence. This not only speeds up the process considerably, saving valuable time but also gives perfectly spaced out boards and a professional finish that you can be proud of while keeping your teeth in good shape too!” added Jon.
They are super tough, made from high quality Polypropylene which is virtually indestructible and come in three different sizes for 100mm, 125mm and 150mm boards providing a 25mm overlap every time, which meets and exceeds specifications laid out in BS1722:5, allowing you to build a strong windproof fence in considerably less time.
“They’re bright yellow too,” continued Jon “so should you ever have to put it down you will be able to find it again, no matter how good your tools are at hiding from you!”
With design protection in place and production tooling completed, Harry Industries® is now actively looking for stockists throughout the UK to stock TidyFence fence board spacers.
If you think they would be a good fit for your business, please get in touch with Jon at enquiries@tidyfence.com


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