With increased demand for electric fencing systems, Mark Oliver, UK Sales Manager from Gallagher believes the future is bright for partnerships between fencing contractors and quality system suppliers.

“We are seeing a significant uplift in the demand for well-designed and robust fencing solutions from all sectors of the market,” he comments. In the agricultural sector, farmers are faced with a significant change in subsidy payments combined with the demands to move to net zero carbon.

“As a result there is an increased focus on the efficiency of grass use. This is where a well-designed electric fencing infrastructure can make a significant improvement, especially where it includes a high degree of flexibility.

“Horse owners are looking at electric fencing for the safety benefits it brings, while smallholders are interested in the flexibility and reliability our systems can deliver.

One of the biggest growth sectors is for the exclusion of animals, for example, deer, foxes, badgers, wild boar and herons.

These are all areas Gallagher have specialist solutions for.

“The foundations of a really successful electric fencing infrastructure are careful planning, using the latest innovations in technology, quality components, skilled installation and on-going support. Gallagher has a demonstrable track record in all these areas. We are keen to develop new partnerships with fencing contractors to meet the heightened demand.”

Gallagher has developed a reputation for highly effective and robust fencing solutions across the full range of applications and situations. Most recently it has introduced a wide range of solar energisers providing flexibility and low running costs.

“Our range of integrated solar- powered energisers ranging from the entry level S6 to the top of the range S400, offering a user-friendly and cost-effective solution to powering electric fences with high reliability,” Mark continues. “Using a Gallagher solar energiser reduces running costs, increases peace of mind because the fence will be adequately powered and avoids the need to regularly check and replace batteries.

“As with all Gallagher energisers, the solar range comes with our industry-leading full seven -year warranty. Gallagher is the only manufacture providing such extensive cover giving ultimate reassurance.”

Mark says anyone looking to install an electric fencing installation needs to ensure the infrastructure is well planned and future-proofed. He says time spent in planning is an essential investment.

“In our experience fencing systems will grow and evolve and this is easier if the initial set-up has been well -planned. For example, ensuring that the energiser is powerful enough and that the installation can be broken down into zones to allow cost-effective operation. Placement, the size and the number of gateways is also

key. Will the gateway allow modern machinery to pass easily and can the fence be kept effective when gates are opened?

“To help fencing contractors and installers to design a system to meet end-user requirements, Gallagher has an easy-to-use web-based ‘Compose Your Fence’ tool which allows fence systems to be designed and produces a full list of components needed. ( www. ).

“With our combination of high quality, innovative components combined with our partnership approach with contractors means that Gallagher is seen as a preferred electric fencing supplier and why we are seeing such high demand. As such we are keen to develop the opportunity with more fencing contractors across the UK.”

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