Heras has launched the next generation of perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDSs) to provide even greater levels of perimeter protection. It is designed for sites with specific security and perimeter protection requirements such as warehouses and distribution centres with a high-value stockholding.

The company is building on the first generation of PIDSs with significant innovations that have resulted in a new, simplified portfolio with next-generation capabilities.

Its new GeoMic and GeoPoint systems, both available aspro versions, are designed to complement and greatly increase the overall effectiveness of both existing and specified perimeter protection fence and gate lines.

PIDSs are usually perimeter fence mounted (but they can also be wall or ceiling mounted) and are installed on the fence fabric to detect any potential intruders attempting to enter the site by climbing over, cutting through or even going under the fence.

When an intrusion at the perimeter meets the alarm criteria, PIDSs will transmit an alarm signal directly to an alarm panel and/or integrated software management system (SMS) so that the onsite security team (or designated staff)can verify, and act upon, the alarm in an appropriate and timely manner.

Heras has identified three critical attributes that will increase the performance capability of itsPIDSs. The first is the improved analyser algorithms to deliver added intelligence and categorisation of threats. The second is the multiple configuration options to match the site situation and reduce false alarms. The third is the improved communication and integration options. These improvements mean that the PIDS performs more accurately, delivers better information and can be used in combination with other security measures.

To enable people from all levels of the security industry and for business/property owners to learn more about how PIDSs work, Heras is hosting a free webinar, which will also explore how the PIDSs can be integrated into existing security systems and how they can reduce risk and add value to businesses.

The 40-minute session is at 10:00 on Thursday 17th June. To register, go to www.heras.co.uk/webinar-pids

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