As a relative newcomer to the UK equestrian fencing market, Horserail is making up good ground from Cornwall to the north of Scotland.

Headquartered in County Waterford in Ireland, this composite fencing material is proving popular with horse owners, breeders, trainers and equestrian enthusiasts the length and breadth of Britain since being introduced into the UK market just over a decade ago.

Fencing contractors are also keen to sing its praises according to UK Sales & Marketing Manager Ruth Todd who has been involved in the business from its inception.

“We get very good feedback from the growing number of contractors who work with our products due to its simple installation and sturdy nature,” explained Ruth who is based in north Buckinghamshire and perfectly placed for site visits to new and existing customers.

Horserail is a post and rail style fence system that is manufactured from a flexible polyethylene compound which is molecularly bonded to high tensile steel fencing wire.

It was developed around 20 years ago by John Wall, a fencing contractor from New Zealand who still runs the business and oversees all the product improvements with the objective of making the installation quick and easy for the contractor. Horserail is currently produced at his factory in Pennsylvania USA.

“The result,” according to Ruth “Is a fence that is flexible enough to install easily but rigid enough so as to eliminate the chance of horses becoming trapped or injured in the fence.

“Horserail is a versatile product that can suit a variety of applications such as paddocks, lunging rings, gallops, arenas and horsewalkers. It has no sharp edges that could potentially injure horses and has a tensile strength of approximately 2000kg, so there is no danger of being able to break through the fence.

“A big selling point with customers is its longevity. Every Horserail system comes with a 30 year guarantee and requires next to no maintenance. The rail will keep its appearance over time and will never need to be painted. In addition to this, Horserail’s hardware is galvanised and then powder coated to ensure insure maximum protection against corrosion and to colour match the rail which is available in brown, black or white.

“It can also be electrified at both the top and bottom of the rails using the patented Hotbond system. That makes Horserail unique in terms of composite equestrian fencing solutions.

“Hotcote, which we also supply, is a single strand coated wire system. Using the same patented system as the rail it can also be electrified offering a safe alternative where Horserail might not be required. Guaranteed for 20 years, it is installed using a patented procedure for attaching, joining and tensioning. No stripping, crimping or notching is needed and the end result is a properly installed fence with no exposed wires with a breaking strain of 600 kg.

“With improved efficiencies in manufacturing, the cost of horserail now matches and often betters traditional post and rail fencing. An installation will last for a lifetime and can be delivered within two working days!” added Ruth who grew up competing on horseback and has a passion for everything equestrian.

The Covid-19 crisis appears to have not diminished demand. Despite the cancellation of this year’s Badminton Horse Trials, an event in which Horserail has become heavily involved as a sponsor, Ruth and the team at Horserail are looking at organising events and taster days around the UK targeted at fencing contractors as well as ‘equestrianites’.

“Badminton is a big chance for
us to raise our profile with many of the walkways and railing systems around the course carrying our brand. It’s a shame it’s not going ahead but we’re not resting on our laurels by any stretch.

“We have big plans to get around the country and showcase Horserail to the people that matter. Clearly everything is up in the air right now but watch this space for more details!” she added.

Ruth also oversees the distribution of contractor boxes, containing a 3ft Horserail sample together with brackets and other hardware, that can be delivered to any fencer who expresses an interest in the system.

She continued: “We send out a number of contractor boxes every week to interested parties. I’d encourage anyone out there to drop me a line and we’ll get a box out to them within a few days.”

Horserail is also proving popular on the European continent with a vibrant network of distributors and agents from Poland to Portugal.

“It’s been a real pleasure having been involved in the business from the outset with increasing demand helping us to reach new milestones in annual sales every year. We must be doing something right but we are also mindful of the fact that there are other great products out there from trusted names that have had much longer to establish themselves.

“We’re coming up on the rails in every way!” concluded Ruth.

If Ruth’s enthusiasm is anything to go by you can bet Horserail will be around for many years to come. Office: 0808 2344766 Mobile: 07785 986645 Instagram: horserailfencinguk Facebook: HORSERAIL UK

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