“There are cheaper options on the internet” is a phrase we sometimes hear when speaking with potential customers about the Easy Petrol Post Driver.

We’re not going to hide from that fact. Nor are we going to hide any details about why we passionately believe in this product, and the reasons it has been the market leader for almost 10 years.

Australian engineering. Honda engine. 3-Year commercial machine warranty. What does it all really mean?

Yes, the external features are there for all to see. The 4-Stroke Honda engine alone boasts great fuel efficiency, renowned reliability and an easy start. Yet, it’s the combination of the high-quality machine engineering with a powerful engine that really amplifies the functionality.

To truly appreciate the sheer quality in design and manufacturing you have to understand how and why each of the components works as it does. “A 5,000rpm engine creates a hammer action of 1,720bpm” big numbers are commonly thrown around without any description of how and why. We’re here to change that.

The gearbox converts 5,000rpm from the engine down to 1,720 rpm at the piston.

The piston then forces an air compression down the steel liner of the machine (at a rate of 1,720bpm). In turn, this compression of air drives the hardened-steel hammer flush onto the top of the post, driving your post firmly into the ground.

By applying a downward force to the machine whilst initiating the throttle, you then instigate the return of the hammer up the body of the machine, which then begins the process again. The precise engineering involved results in the machine being low maintenance. In fact,
all you’re required to do is check your bolts are tight before use and every couple of months take off the Christie Engineering cover plate to re-grease, and you’re good to go.

An annual service to change the o-rings completes the servicing schedule.

Machines are in stock at both the importers head office and showroom in Sheffield and across their distributor network. Additionally, all servicing, repairs and warranties are handled in-house at Sheffield.

For more information contact Easy Petrol Post Driver on 0114 269 9119 or email


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