Ian Smith General Contractors was established in August 2010 and is a family run company from Dumfries & Galloway.

The business was started when Ian Smith took the decision to become self employed where he started out with the basic essentials and put into practice the qualifications he had obtained. The business very quickly grew and became successful and well established with an excellent track record for customer satisfaction. “Our professionalism explains why many of our customers have continued to use our services and why much of our work comes from word of mouth and recommendations”.

Ian like so many, started with a van and a metal bar and currently has 6 employees and a few self-employed to help move the business forward. They carry out various forms of work and install all types of fencing from your basic garden fence to agricultural stock fencing. The fencing now represents 80% of the company’s income with the balance being made up with relief livestock work and the annual spreading of circa 18,000 tonnes of lime.


Ian explained “we purchased a tractor-mounted Bryce Profi post driver in 2013 which was effective and reliable for most jobs but we just needed something that would increase our output and get us into very difficult spots, which led to the discussion with Andrew Bryce regarding the Bryce Powershift 180 Pro. We can’t thank the Bryce team enough for introducing this machine to us, as on every job we have completed using it, we have been able to ensure that we never compromise on the quality and service provided to our customers. We believe in keeping the customer happy and pride ourselves on providing a high level of quality and reliable services. This machine is in a league of its own and has enabled us to free up manpower to allow men to attend to other jobs.

Ian Smith works to exacting standards with the best of materials and the best of kit using an experienced and knowledgeable team “you only get out of a business what you are prepared to put into it“ says Ian.


“The Bryce 180 lets us easily erect at least 100metres extra per day with a man less, so is hugely costeffective. With a saving in labour and a big increase in output, the Bryce machine could earn us an additional £150,000 – £200,000 per annum erecting stock fencing. It is the Bryce machine’s outstanding ability combined with a stack of great features that has changed our way of fencing. It looks the job, does the job, everything is just so easy and effortless and we can get into bits a tractor wouldn’t get near.

Sheep Pens

Ian mentioned a contract that involved post and rail fencing and hanging gates on a new sheep handling system. He commented on the fact that the ground was hard shale and the farmer thought he would struggle with the ground conditions. “ The Bryce Shalebusting tool and Jock’s HandiCap allowed us to overcome these conditions and drive posts without any holdups. This worked brilliantly and was the perfect combination for the job . The method we used makes the alternative of a small digger or augers look outdated says Ian. The following day the farmer said “ I can’t believe you have managed to put all these posts in plumb and without cutting off any tops”.

Ian concludes “ nowadays you need the tools for the job. The Bryce 180 Pro isn’t built by just any Company, it was designed by a fencing contractor who also has farming and engineering experience, who then went on to establish his own manufacturing Company. I can’t rate Bryce machines highly enough and would 100% have another 180 Pro.

It is spot on, can’t fault it and is worth every penny. You’re in the elite – a different class with this machine”.

Ian Smith General Contractor Tel : 01576 507043 Mob : 07841 433172 iansmith110482@gmail.com

Bryce Suma Post Drivers www.brycesuma.co.uk Andrew : 07901 618479 Stuart : 07970 450720 Jock : 07970 730567

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