Responding effectively to customers’ needs seems to be a recurring theme with Quickfencer.

The ever inventive co-founders of Quickfencer, John Brewer and Steve Rawcliffe, have recently added a collapsible sleeve to their growing range of fencing machines aimed at contractors worldwide.

“The sleeve allows the contractor to easily take re-rolled wire off for scrap or to leave for use again on jobs such as pipeline work,” explained John.

It’s taken two years for this novel and useful addition to be manufactured inhouse after customers started requesting such an innovation.

“We’ve had customers asking about this for a couple of years but it’s already proving popular with a number of orders already rolling in.

“We’ve been very busy manufacturing our full range of Quickfencer machines for customers across the globe in recent times but we are always looking to innovate and improve the functionality and flexibility of our products.

“Anything that eases the workload for fencing contractors gets the thumbs up in our book. It’s vital, as engineers, to react to what customers want and the collapsible sleeve is a perfect example of that,” added John.

John and Steve’s latest generation of Quickfencers are already making an impact in the marketplace. They feature all of the advantages of the original standard 80 machine but with the added benefit of being able to tie off to metal or concrete posts.

The Quickfencer machine, launched in June 2018 at the Royal Highland Show, allows for the unrolling and tensioning of wire fencing and aims to save time and money for contractors whilst making each job safer.

John went on: “Faster, tighter, easier and safer is our mantra. All of our machines are highly versatile and can be mounted on a tractor via a three point linkage, a front mounting, on a telescopic arm or the blade of a digger.

“To save even more time the machine can hold 2 x 500m rolls, up to 7 barb wire attachments and multiple plain wires. The Quickfencer fencing machine is ideal for the erection of any type of fencing; stock fencing, ranch fencing, cattle fencing, sheep fencing, horse fencing and deer fencing.

“We work closely with Hampton Steel, Tornado Wire and Uniwire to develop wire products for Quickfencer machines that work flawlessly and enhance the speed and safety of the fencing process.

“The new Quickfencers are very affordable, robust and will last for two or three generations of use. With the tie off facilities, it’s safe to say these are the fastest machines on the market to tie off. They are built to last!” concluded John. 07966285240