2019 has been an exciting year for Landguard Point, not only has the company experienced increased growth, but has also seen developments in charitable causes, free-prize giveaways and the design of a unique interactive E-Newsletter, called ON- POINT.

On-Point is seen as a key development by the sales team at Landguard Point. This is because it offers a unique experience for customers, connecting them closer to both the industry and Landguard Point.

Using this new tool, their customers will gain a new platform to broaden and freshen their timber import knowledge and will bring them closer to Landguard Point. Using this interactive experience, customers will be able to keep track of the latest promotions, product developments, free-prize giveaways and much more.

Every aspect of the newsletter is interactive, giving the reader an exciting and engaging method to keep on point with everything they need to know.

Landguard Point has teamed up with Prydderch Jones, a highly reputable web-designer and friend of the company. Regular updates will be provided, ensuring that the newsletter is always relevant to on- going and foreseeable events.

Scan the QR Code to experience the first release and get ON-Point with Landguard Point today!

Landguard Point has also placed community efforts and donations a key focus for the company this year.

This summer Landguard Point donated key timber requirements to a charitable development for children in Kidwelly, South Wales. T&M Group developed and installed a beautiful playground for the children of the area.

Having somewhere to play which is both safe and educational is an important component for any community with young children. As a company which pays great importance in family values, Landguard are very proud of the development and the work which has been done, which will undoubtedly benefit the area greatly.

The vibrant play park was designed by the highly experienced team at T&M, and timber provided and delivered by Landguard Point, both offering their services free of charge, to benefit the community of Kidwelly.

Landguard Point would like to thank T&M for their work, and for providing the opportunity to donate such key items to their project. Landguard Point will continue to work on such projects and offer a support to local communities, as this is a bit part of the company’s ethos.

Landguard Point have also teamed up with Virgin Experiences, to offer a 3-tier free prize-draw for their loyal customers. By working with Virgin, Landguard Point are able to offer an extensive premium prize opportunity for the winners. These prizes cover everything super
car driving experiences to hot air balloon rides and even weekends away around Europe.

This prizing method gives the prize winners the opportunity to create and experience their prize as they want, meaning their loved ones or employees can also get to enjoy their luck and prizes.

Landguard Point have decided to offer this prize-draw as a reward to their customers, and a thank you for all of the orders and loyalty that have been placed with the company over the recent successful years.

If you are interested in how you could enter in to our Free -Prize Draw, and potentially win up to £2,000 to spend with Virgin, contact Landguard Point’s S. Wales office to find out more.