Next up for Nottingham Metal firm

A new steel canopy manufactured by Essential Projects has been installed above the exterior entrance of a Next retail store in the recently opened Epping Forest Shopping Centre in a night time operation involving a lifting crane.

Located on the outskirts of London, just off the M11, in Loughton, the new 16,000sqm Epping Forest Shopping Centre was opened in September 2017 and is home to major brands such as Aldi, Mothercare, T.K. Maxx and Next Retail Plc which opened its new store in December 2017.

The £14m Epping Forest Shopping Park is set to bring 200 jobs and inward investment to the district, which will bring a boost to the local economy. Funding for the project was awarded by Epping Forest District Council who nominated McLaughlin & Harvey Construction as the main contractor.

The canopy features two steel support columns located at either side of the store entrance. The store branding is shown on a panel which is affixed to either side of the supporting columns. An oblong shape steel structure is then fitted with a glass panel to the top of the support columns to provide rain protection from visitors entering the store.

Essential Projects, based in Bulwell, Nottingham specialises in the manufacture of bespoke metal and glass work, balustrade and other metalwork. The company employs a team of in-house metal fabricators and on-site installation teams.