PermaFence, part of Derbyshire-based company PermaGroup, has launched a brand-new product calculator so that installers can quickly and easily work out what materials they need, whenever they need them.

PermaFence metal fence panels are guaranteed to last 25 years and are virtually maintenance free, requiring only an occasional wash down with a soft detergent. The new, easy to use calculator works out how many panels a project will require and offers an instant quote by asking a few quick questions.

Adrian Buttress, Managing Director of PermaFence, said: “We know that people are no longer working the traditional nine to five, Monday to Friday hours anymore, meaning installers need to be able to price up projects at any time. Our new calculator is quick and simple to use and installers can receive an accurate quote within minutes at a time that suits them, rather than relying on office opening hours.”

The new calculator, which sits on the PermaGroup website, takes the user through a series of questions, including quantity, height, colour and the delivery method they would prefer, and then sends over a personalised, no obligation quote via email.

Adrian added: “Maintaining fences has, historically, been a job that was overlooked by many but has been brought to the forefront of people’s minds during the Covid-19 pandemic. That’s why we wanted to introduce a calculator to support the increase in demand we’re experiencing when it comes to garden projects and continue our ethos of providing long-term solutions to age-old problems.”

The innovative ‘fence for life’ system has been independently wind tunnel tested to withstand speeds of up to 130kph and comes in a wide range of contemporary and classic colours making them pleasing to the eye, as well as fit for purpose.

The horizontal-style PermaFence panels come in three colours and offer a modern twist on traditional fencing systems. Customers have the option to
top their fence with a decorative diamond lattice trellis – giving full creative scope.

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