John Bright Fencing and Country Store has turned milkman.

Their new organic milk vending machine is situated in a Swiss-style chalet right outside the Salway Ash country store and is open every day from 7am to 7pm. The organic milk comes from Holy Cow, a local farmer’s herd of Jersey cows grazing on rich pastureland and is dispensed in reusable glass bottles or your own container.

“We wanted to give people the choice and convenience of buying really fresh local milk while supporting our local farmers,” said Beth Bright. “The milk is from a herd of beautiful Jersey cows and tastes like the countryside in a bottle, it’s deliciously moreish!

“There’s no plastic, it’s low on food miles and being organic, is better for people, the cows, nature and the environment.”

The milk comes in 1 litre and 250ml glass bottles and costs from £1.30. Payment is by card. The milk is kept at a constant 3°C temperature and after each transaction the machine automatically steam cleans the dispenser. The vending machine milk is always less than 48 hours oldand has a shelf life of five days from purchase.

The chalet also features a separate vending machine with yoghurt, cheese, eggs and bacon. Perfect for breakfast!


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