As with any company that has existed for over 100 years, Charltons has seen many changes.

One person who has seen a great many of these changes is AJ (Tony) Charlton, Charltons Chairman, who will be celebrating his 90th birthday and over 75 years in the business this October! AJ still takes an active role in the company and says he is too old to retire when asked the question!

The ongoing events with regards to Brexit has led us into the unknown but Charltons is looking to the future with continuing research and development and has recently made further investment in their treatment plant.

It has always been important to be using a sustainable product, where nothing goes to waste, with all the by-products being utilised Charltons are also committed to reducing their carbon footprint further.

All of Charltons power now comes from 100% certified Green Energy and some by-products fuel the workshops (biomass chips). Charltons have also undertaken reviews within the company to continue to reduce their carbon footprint and are monitoring this on a monthly basis.

Charltons are supporting “Grown in Britain Week” celebrating our trees, woods and forests and the amazing products they produce. There will be a special offer in support of home-grown timber in during the month of October, so look out for details.

The company are also plating trees via the Carbon footprint Scheme to offset carbon and have also recently planted 800 trees locally.

For more information or details on our offers or to become a stockist please contact or call 01373 812521