The easy-to-install bolt-on lock range will now include the BDGW – the Superlock for your wooden gates. This fully mechanical digital lock offers high quality with stainless steel construction and adapted fixings that work well on outdoor wooden gates. A simple and secure solution for access control on your outside gate.

Built from Stainless Steel

All locks in the Superlock family are built from stainless steel. This makes the locks resistant to rust and corrosion, wear and tear and ensures the lock will last for decades without any maintenance.

As well as the internal lock mechanism, the outer lock casing is also made from stainless steel – and this also enhances the coating.

Cheaper materials can be trickier to coat, requiring more complex processes and resulting in the paint peeling off after a while, however, this is not the case with stainless steel. Gatemaster powder coat all their lockboxes, meaning the paint adhesion is strong and will be a lot less susceptible to peeling off even after scratches.

Lastly, the steel lockbox by nature is tough to break or drill into,which offers additional security.

The BDGW, which incorporates a black-anodized aluminium code panel, is therefore protected on all fronts from corrosion, oxidation, and vandalism.

Moreover, all the buttons, bolts and other visible surfaces are polished stainless steel – which looks great on wooden gates!

Made For Wood

As wooden gates are constantly exposed to the elements, they behave much differently from an internal wooden door. Wood changes its moisture content as a response to the humidity in the air, meaning it will shrink when drier and expand when more humid. Therefore, the locking mechanism needs to allow for these changes and be secure enough to compensate for shifting, warping, and swelling of your gate – otherwise you risk having a malfunctioning mechanism or a gate that simply won’t shut anymore.

The Gatemaster BDGW was designed with all this in mind, supplied with the custom fixing bracket and the adapted keep.

This not only saves the buyer time and money from not having to create their own keep but more importantly, it will ensure a fool-proof installation and flawless operation of the gate.

As common with the superblocks, the latch springs in 15mm and can be adjusted for another 20 mm in length, which is always a great benefit for outside gates.

Code panel or quick exit?

Everyone’s situation is different, so having flexible options is key in offering each client a personalised experience.

Maybe, all you need is a simple handle on the inside to easily get out of the gate with your bike. Or maybe you want a code panel, to make sure that your dog does not run outside. Or how about a bright-green pushbutton, to make sure that your late guests will find their way out after your garden party has come to an end.

Having options is a brilliant thing – and being able to change things afterwards is an even better one!

As with everything in the Superlock-family, Gatemaster made sure that a high level of flexibility was part of the original design.

Access control made easy

Our society has come a long way from padlocks on chains, with all their limitations, to high-tech electronic solutions.

It could be of great convenience to have access control on your outside gate – to let the delivery driver store your package safely, let your visiting relatives in, or have a secured bicycle storage for your apartment block’s residents.

However, while installing such systems inside the house might seem straight-forward, it becomes a different story 10 metres away from the building.

This is why Gatemaster developed this fully mechanical code lock: it does not require any electricity, cables, batteries, or anything like that. It simply works – and makes your life easier, while making your customers happy.

Gatemaster strives to simplify gate hardware, and this new lock does that in a great way.

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